Second American Civil War or Second American Revolution?


I just watched this commentary (Martial Law) on the recent events in Furguson and about the idea they are testing martial law which they hope to bing to every American city as part of the take down of America in order to insert their government control and usurp our civil rights.  This video left me thinking of the events in Iceland and a lingering question formed in my mind: will this result in another Civil War or should we be thinking of it at a second American Revolution (against the NWO elitists who have hijacked our country and many other countries?  Will American people revolt against the correct group and demand justice/ prosecute the true people who have committed war crimes and stolen the wealth/education/health of the American people?  We are being divided and distracted by issues of race so we don’t unite and become like Iceland, restoring our country against the true enemies.  I am posting this because I really think this video commentary is important for everyone to see and consider during the upcoming events.  


9 thoughts on “Second American Civil War or Second American Revolution?

  1. fefe that is actually a very good question.. i think it may start out as civil war then end up being a revolution, as everyone really wakes up to what’s truly going on…

  2. Americans will not rise up en-masse. A very small percentage may. But never a majority. Too much bad education, sports worship, and technological brain numbing. Most people are sheep and happy to eat mutton.

    • The large majority doesn’t have to rise up. Only a small minority does and they will survive the problems that the sheep will have to face from their own ignorance. The majority will be killed by nuclear warfare and terrorist attacks. It’s the freedom loving bunch that will make it out alive. That’s why this war will inevitably fail for the elite. It only strengthens the rebels and sees to it the elimination of the brainwashed masses. The armies of the establishment will shrink as defectors join the rebels. The numbers don’t have to grow that much, just enough to form several small, but powerful, militia groups who are trained in armed combat. Once that happens, the guerrilla warfare will do the institutions we operate under in for the rest of our lifetime. That’s where my hunch leads me, as I’m sure it does for FeFe as well. 😉

  3. Fefelove. If America has another Civil War think about this. The country’s leader in the time of crisis will be Barack Obama and not Abraham Lincoln. Enough said!

  4. Hear me out. Due to the increasingly sedentary and do nothing lifestyle that generally defines US Citizens in modern times I do not get the sense that there will ever be another Civil War or Revolution as fought by our ancestors of centuries passed. It is rather like the 1st Cold War was instead. Remember that no blood was actually shed during the 1st Cold War but ideas were exchanged and asserted. I get the sense that the “revolution” the United States is currently and will continue to experience for the next couple of years is a Silent Coup D’etat. The Capitalistic and Imperialistic model that has been the basis of our nation for over a century is no longer sustainable therefore reshaping must take place. The powers that be and by that I mean the 1% who run and who have always controlled the United States in some way or another are no longer concerned with “putting on a happy face” to make America seem like has everything under control. They don’t and are scrambling to secure their own fortunes and positions. Whatever happens to the other 99% during the collapse more or less just happens. After the very public failure of our economy and current form of government some in the near future I see that a public change from the current psuedo democratic model will be made,but what model will be taken up I cannot see clearly at the moment, It is sure to be extreme though. Could be Fascist. Could be Communist.

    • Agreed. In modern times there is a sort of “lay down and take it” mentality that has infected this nation. Most people are dissatisfied with the way the things are going and pay constant lip service to change but no one wants to be the one to get up and DO something about it.Therefore like you I see an almost painless transition from this reich of sorts to the next for the most part. Yes a small portion of “awakened” citizens will resist but the majority will just go with it. My money is on a far left leaning government btw.

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