The Breakdown of the Second American Civil War

I wanted to update you all on my situation before I lay out the timeline for civil war. I am in a dangerous area and hope to evacuate as soon as possible. Due to this, I will not be able to post as frequently as I’d like to until I am in a place of safety and security. Please keep me in your thoughts at this important time. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Now for the breakdown:


Late August-Early September: Racial riots lead to further destabilization in Ferguson. By the end of the month, the violence will spread up the New England coast and down the Mason Dixon line. By the end of October, it will also hit the west coast after a deadly clash with LAPD police sees the suburbs erupt into flames.

End of September or October: The second year in a row of government shutdown kicks off. This time, the US credit rating has a major downgrade and borrowing becomes much harder in the meantime for their allies. Despite concessions and attempts at brokering a deal, lawmakers will not come to an agreement with fringe groups looking to make an example out of the Obama administration. As a result, the stock market implodes in early October bringing the US into a second great depression.

Late November: The US pulls all troops out of other territories at it tries, in vain, to deescalate tensions among its citizenry. This leaves Russia clear to begin their own occupation of Crimea and Georgia by a new leader who will take Putin’s place later this month or early next month. ISIS will also use this opportunity to launch weapons at Israeli military and oil facilities causes massive casualties. Protests on the ground there (which I will get to another time) escalate and force the Prime Minister to resign in a years time.


January: After more problems with the economy, further looting and failed martial law attempts creating more paranoia than it serves to eliminate, the bullet at a US lawmaker from Kansas in Houston will spark the flame that will enrage militia groups into their declaration of civil war.

February: Fourteen seats in the house will be left vacant by massive beheadings over a winter holiday. This comes as battles rage on major cities across the country for control of the capitol and banking institutions. The military attempts to shut down the occupations, but the guerrilla warfare, plus splinters from army veterans, damage critical US infrastrucutre leaving it vunerable to attack.

March: A nuclear bomb is set off a park or weapons facility seeing three hundred thousand people die in its blaze. Further battles rage on.

April-August: Militia groups begin to get the upper hand as US enemies arm the rebels in their attempts to overthrow the government. The lawmakers leave Washington DC for four months before being forced to return by a newly elected US president. Obama will resign from office, facing an assassination plot that narrowly fails.

September-October: The US military tries to get the upper hand by executing captured soldiers in Lincoln Nebraska and kidnapping political dissidents and rioters in urban areas for the purpose of massive execution. When three white prisoners escape, the news will hit globally and see international support for the rebel cause given unanimously.

November: Many European countries begin rescue efforts and relief for a nuclear bomb that is set off in New York City and Los Angeles by outside forces. In addition, UN forces begin to see the tide working agains the New World Order and order troops to be sent in the defense of previous assets of the Skull and Bones organization. They will not be successful in their efforts and will face off with a militia group who forces them to hand over the articles in question. When they refuse, a firing squad executes the traitors and leaves off with the documents that will be hidden away from UN hands for a long time.

December: Seeing some victories in Ohio and Indiana, the white knights team up with the ku klux klan and other racial hate groups to offer assistance the governments attempts at thwarting plans for a militia army invasion of the north. They will be caught and killed for this treason. As a result, the long awaited Christmas day assault on Washington goes on, but with major roadblocks and hurdles to cross. By the time the snow falls and the rainbow shines from the heavens, the capitol will be stormed and its lawmakers held in contempt for crimes against humanity and betrayal of American interests.


January: The war is won and for the first time the Americans will have reclaimed the land from the elite since the foundation centuries ago. A new day will dawn on New Years Eve and peace will resume at that rate.

Keep an eye out for this to occur soon. Best wishes to you all.

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  1. With stuff like this going on, Graphic Video below in link (the intention is meant to educate if It offends its ok to delete my comment)…I can see why you are saying though.

  2. Jesus liam!, stay safe mate, go underground if you have too but please be careful, my thoughts are with you XX

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