The Importance of Good Posture and Poised Walking for Teens

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The media has stuck again: Teenage girls want the Kim K and Jen Lo big booty.  Alas, there is no hope for me and my small booty.  But that is ok because I am an uncool mom of a teenage boy.  Moms are not supposed to be cool.  The other day my son said to me, ‘ Mom you know the girls at school all want big butts and yours would be laughable to them but I think they are absolutely weird.”  He continued, “the girls hike up their pants way high to make it look like their butts are bigger because there is more back on their pants but come on, they are not FOOLING anyone!!  Plus they walk like this (and he demonstrated a butt out wiggle tramp walk with perfectly terrible posture).  Of course, at first I believed this to be a joke so I said, “you mean pants hiked up like Steve Urkle?”  He said “yes!”  So, texting and computer use isn’t the only thing messing up the posture of teens these days– they have a butt out walk to make their butt more attractive plus geeky nerdy pants like Steve Urkle.  I thought to myself, hummm this is a sign I am now one of those moms who is ‘out of touch’ and ‘doesn’t understand’ the modern teens.  Well that is nothing new since I never understood the teens even when I was one.  I had to find out if this was a lie and so I kept my eyes peeled at a nearby mall and indeed, my son was telling the truth about the teenage craving for a big butt.  Later that night, though I wear hip huggers which just won’t become Urkle pants, I asked some people to vote on if my butt did look bigger if I adjusted my pants and walked funny.  All that happened was I looked like a retarded duck.  What’s with these kids?  As a mom, I want to say beware of what you do to your body because it will haunt you later.  Proper posture and poise in walking is very important unless you plan on being a doubled over messed up older person.  Be happy with the butt God gave you.  Plus, if someone just wants your butt you shouldn’t want them!


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Good Posture and Poised Walking for Teens

  1. Your post made me laugh because I’m a Mom of a teenage boy as well, and I just “don’t get it” anymore. When I was a kid, Urkel pants were called high waters, because you could wear them in a flood and the bottoms wouldn’t get wet. It’s a shame that so many young girls are fixated on how their bodies should look. This year it’s “I like big butts” and soon it will be a smaller behind that’s considered fashionable. Unlike what is en vogue for this season, you’re correct about proper posture and poise lasting a lifetime.

    • I know right! I have been laughing about this since I heard of it but then I also feel bad for their pending problems as they get older because of their purposeful bad posture in walking with their butt out. It’s like a nerdy Betty Boop. Then, they don’t even know whom Betty Boob is….most likely.

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