Bad Instincts

So as everyone knows I don’t post often. I read a lot of everyone else’s posts. I have to say, as Fefe knows I’ve had gut instincts for my whole life. After discussing with Fefe she helped put things into perspective in ways I never thought of before. What I’ve learned this past year is, my instincts have grown so much and I now understand why.

I went to the doctor and had some tests done. As crazy as it may sound, and this is the first time I’ve publicly announced anything about what tests came up with. I was diagnosed with lupus, hashimoto diseases and recently adrenal fatigue. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal to many…..but it is. I have found not only am I aware of my body being off. I’m also aware of my surroundings.

When I’m off I’m more aware. When I’m leveled out it weakens as I’m not on red alert. Currently I’m leveled out. But still had crazy dreams about rioting and violence growing all over the country. Government corruption growing. Because of my dreams I remain on alert now.

I know it all sounds crazy. I know in my heart we will see things happening around us we never expected to see in our life times. It just a matter of time. I can’t give specifics I just know I still feel it!







2 thoughts on “Bad Instincts

  1. Hi Lovely. A lot of people love you and are supporting you with their thoughts and prayers, and I am one of them. I trust my Dreams and Visions 100% Lovely, and I believe that you are exactly right. We will see things happening around us that we never expected to see in our life times. It is all part of the coming End of the Age and the impending beginning of the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

  2. hi lovely sounds like u have a connection of some sort have u tried doing meditation daily u might find u may be able to switch it on some what more, you are right we are in calm before the storm bad events are not far away now, sorry to hear about your illnesses keep you chin up. p.s you have lovely eye’s lovely

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