The Elite….

The elite have made their choice. They are ready to declare martial law in Ferguson as the world is preparing to declare civil war on their lives. The next several months will begin a four month process of inevitable societal collapse. When January rolls around, the first shots will be fired in Houston or Washington DC. From there, 2015 will see militia groups fighting NWO elite forces (through the cooperation of the United Nations) in a year long battle for control over the global plans for depopulation and Satanic unity. This will end by Christmas morning as a bloodied and hopeless masses are renewed in their vigor once more and storm the steps of the capitol building in an overtaking of the lawmakers for their ultimate betrayal. 2016 is the year the world changes for good. By this time next year, the battle will be half way over; with unfortunate casualties to show for it.


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  1. Hey liam, did you mean when you said the militant groups fighting the NWO elite are going to be getting help from the united nations?. Or did you mean the united nations will be fighting the militants? i’m confused?? coz the united nations are the NWO puppeteers…

    • I meant the NWO forces would fight the militias with the cooperation of the United Nations. They are all puppeteers and they will all be destroyed. Hope that clears it up. 🙂

    • Monika. I see both geopolitical changes and natural disasters taking place in the world with ever greater frequency. I see the very real possibility of World War 3 beginning as a result of the situation in either the Ukraine or the extremely volatile Middle East. I also believe that an Assassination of a world leader is coming. I also see natural disasters taking place in the United States and Europe. Also, I see that a Wondrous sight in the sky is at the very door. Everything that I say to you is based on my very undeserved Dreams and Visions. Peace to you Monika.

      • Thank you! Yes- Mr. Obama. It is me who will be part of this. I think it will start in Germany! I hope. Mr. Obama is spreading lies and deceits. But World War 3-NO. I just made mistakes !
        But yes- the truth is- all moslems can have jihad legally- in Washington they do not work and do not have any dignity. They have also verypoor moral and problems with prostitution!

      • Daydreamer,

        There’s a video of lights over Houston that people are questioning if it’s from a UFO. I wonder if this is what you were speaking of in regards to a wondorous sight in the sky?

  2. Ok, I somewhat agree… Though could be a longer drawn out process, unless a development happens to speed up the civil unrest. Don’t count out mother nature in accelerating this process as well..

    • I’ve posted about this previously. If you click on my username above, there’s a list of the postings I’ve made about civil war for next year. It’s not accelerating due to outside forces, but of elder age of the bloodline families and the timing of the holy blood moons from April 2014 to October 2015. The problem for them is that this will backfire because the NWO plan will not come to fruition (if ever) until at least 2242 or 2449. That’s at least two hundred years of development in terms of immortal livelihoods and advancements in technology that have yet to happen yet. Until certain things occur in terms of stem cell research and genetic engineering that create the immortal God DNA they are looking for, any efforts for their plan will be dress rehearsals for a more serious threat to humanity two hundred years from now. I will post a chronological history of events in a few months time to lay out more detail of this potential future. Hope this was informative in the meantime. 🙂

    • Timmy. I definitely believe in UFOs. I have studied the subject for over 50 years and I have no doubt but that aliens from other planets have been visiting the earth for thousands of years. But that is NOT what I was referring to as the coming Wondrous sight that will occur in the heavens. I am referring to the Supernova Betelgeuse which I believe exploded over 600 years ago. Because Betelgeuse is 640 light years from earth,it will take the light from the exploded Star 640 years to reach us. Betelgeuse is a Red Supergiant Star and one of the largest Stars in the universe. It is also relatively close to earth. The light from Betelgeuse, when it reaches earth, will make it seem like there are 2 Suns in the sky for 2 weeks. I believe that Betelgeuse is going to be the Second Star of Bethlehem, heralding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the End of the World as we know it.

  3. Hi daydream, nostradamus talked about 2 suns appearing with some event that comes i can’t remember atm what it was but i will look it up. The american indians talk about the blue kachina., and mother shipton talks abouts the dragons tail. She says “Not all the men on earth will die when the dragons tail goes sweeping by”. (it goes on more).. These events are around the same timeframe. give or take some time in between, but basically it all points to great changes in the world as you said.. It’s pretty obvious that we”ll be hit with a pretty big comment at some point, which will undoubtedly trigger massive tsunamis world wide. Personally i feel that the Two suns appearing has more to do with a nuclear blast, but i could be wrong…

    • Hi SoulConnection. You could be right about the nuclear blast. I am only conjecturing that the Star of Bethlehem will be the Light from the Supernova Betelgeuse. There is, of course, no way to know if the Light from an Exploded Betelgeuse is already on it’s way to earth and may have been for over 600 years, since before Columbus set foot in the West Indies. Makes you think doesn’t it? I have had several 3rd Eye Visions that a Star will appear but it is always described in those general terms as a “STAR”.

  4. Wow that’s interesting daydream, your right it does make you think. Actually i just had a thought, speaking of thinking can you hear the rocks rattling around lol. i wonder if the star of bethlehem was actually a comment?. What do you think?.With your third eye visions it would look a star, and maybe it is that supernova..mmmm.. what do think would happen if the supernova hit the earth?

    • Soul Connection, I have never seen a Picture of what the Star of Bethlehem would look like so I don’t know if it is a Comet or Supernova or something else, or if anything will Strike the Earth. I see the Word “STAR”. That is it.

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