Outrage Over Increasing Militarizing Police in America; Will We Become Like Lebanon?

Lebanese army seizes bombs, arms in north

The cat is out of the bag: the USA now has an increasing militarizing police; an unconstitutional standing army ready to take over the American people.  They have the supplies, have done the training and recent events are proving both that the police and feds are ready to go after Americans exercising their civil rights as well and the citizen’s determination to protest and resist their unwanted presence.  This will continue and more individuals like Ron/Rand Paul will become vocal about the need to demilitarize the police.  

I am wondering, are we becoming like Lebanon?  I was in Beruit a few years ago during their political elections. The photo above is a common scene I encountered.  They set up checkpoints like this and stopped every car to see IDs and ask questions and if it was a group of men in the vehicle they harassed them, pointed guns at their faces and were very threatening for no reason (most of the time).  I knew one young man yanked out of his car and assaulted by the police, beaten until he was bloody because of what they said was ‘and accidentally case of mistaken identity.’  Was there justice over this?  No.  Is this a common practice?  Yes.  They sent 40,000 troops and over 200 tanks into the area where I was staying.  This doesn’t count the militarized Hezbollah army which guards a section of Beruit.  Hezbollah took me for questioning to see my photos one day and knew everything about me and my family.  My photos must have been dull because photos of bread and cheese didn’t seem to peak their interest.  People warned me not to even take photos in certain areas because it is unacceptable behavior that lands people in jail for no reason.  This was a common scene in Beruit, the former ‘Paris of the East’ known for beauty, wealth and tourism.  Parts of Beruit still look like elegant European hot spots.  Meanwhile, parts remain bombed out shells of poverty, waste, dirt floor homes, camps and one room houses without glass in the windows.  I didn’t find this police presence a comfortable experience:   

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Americans will not stand for this martial law experience they plan to inflict upon us and are testing in areas right now.  Rebellions are on the rise and this is not going to be a fun experience.  However, I think the majority of the police and military are awakened to these sinister NWO plans of occupation.  While everyone is looking at race wars, Russia and the Middle East are a boiling hot pot of wars we don’t want to visit us here at home.  None of these actions represent the will of the American people.  We want human rights, prosperity, freedom and justice.  The best way to ensure justice, according to our Patriot fathers is the Second Amendment.  They warned we won’t need it until they try to take it from us.  We are not a barbarian nation in need of a militarized police to ward off race wars or civil unrest.    




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