Obama Under Fire: NWO Crimes Against Humanity

Obama Devil

I made this prediction years ago when he was elected to his second term: Obama will be under fire for his many crimes against humanity.  Sure, he is most likely just a NWO stooge and clearly the elitist bankers eugenics NWO agenda is the thing to focus upon right now.  Will these people be made accountable for their mass murdering world wide?  I saw THIS article today about fingers pointing toward Obama’s chronically bad choices for not only Americans but worldwide.  The world is standing up in an uproar right now.  I’d like to say I was wrong but I only see it getting worse toward the end of his term.  Will there be more Fergusuns all around coming to a town near you?  Will the wold wars come home to roost?   Will they accomplish their civil war, martial law and outright tyranny?  There will be many more events, protests and a quickening of the resent havoc.  Their attack on the alternative media and privacy is increasing.  I recall getting a lot of hate over my predictions about this but here it has all unfortunately been unfolding and continues.  There was a time on knowthenext when I was getting hundreds of hate comments a day from PSYOP bots.  Actual Luciferians were defending Obama and the NWO as if I was the confused one and this is all about peace, love and prosperity and I was the hateful one.  When we look at the state of our world do we see peace, love and prosperity?  Nope.  We will see more people choosing sides right now and increasing their missions either for the good or the bad.  Is the climax around the corner?