sky scraper problems

I keep seeing a sky scraper in my visions with a slanted roof but I have looked online and i cant find it any ware, I think I am seeing this in a clue format than rather than seeing it for what it is. I get visions like that sometimes I think the spirit realm some times gives me visions in this way for certain spiritual reasons.

So my forecast for you is there will be a skyscraper in the world with a slanted roof that will have some major problems I think these will be structural.




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12 thoughts on “sky scraper problems

  1. Hmmm… I’m writing a sci-fi novel and the very first scene in the book, one of the main characters falls off of the slanted roof of a sky scrapper. Even though I’ve been writing this book for nearly a year, I just had a dream a few days ago where the image of this slanted roof skyscrapper was so clear and lucid that I just had to put the scene into my book. The roof was off white smooth cement with roof AC/Vent units protruding for the slanted side. The rest of the building was your typical glass and steal structure… Did the one that you saw look similar?

    1. yeah there are a few i have checked i have a feeling the vision i am getting may be in a slightly cryptic way, i do some times get them like that l, i think i will find out sooner or later but when i don’t know and i wouldn’t like to make a guess in case i am wrong i don’t want to scare anyone if i don’t have to

      1. But, Michaelvanders, if you don’t share, then maybe one day you will keep a Truth to yourself, and someone will die because You didn’t want to be embarrassed. How would you feel then??

      2. I get most of my info from spirits they give 70% acrucy because there must be some doubt and its fate of this world i do this to try and prove the paranormal

      3. My dear Michaelvanders. Please watch the Movie BATTLESHIP. You will see your Vision or Dream materialize there. It is in the Hong Kong portion of the movie
        Just like you said.

  2. The truth of the mater is i am not totally shore at all whether this is accurate or not and potentially speculating at this point which building this is. may be could cause some worry with some individuals which at this point is totally unnecessary because at this moment in time i do not have the info regarding this forecast, there is also a 30% freewill and connection distortion possibility that this could even change and not even happen i have a strong feeling this will though, the closer to the event the more likely an event may happen and i feel that this one is still a little way of, i have been informed buy a spirit that there are 3 events will happen 1st and they havent happened just yet so there is loads of time still regarding this one, i am also working on strengthening my connection atm so my info and foresight should be getting stronger and more accurate over time so hopefully closer to the time i should be able to know more for certain and when that happens i will try and then work on getting a warning to the public about this event when the time is right

  3. plus once some of my bigger predictions have come true then i will be taken more seriously so the impact of my help would be far grater than it would be if i was to try it now, i do have other info on other stuff regarding the future but i have no other info on this building colapse one atm, a spirit told me that its best to leave the perditions for a wile now until some have come true i feel my self this is the right thing to do as well for the time being so that’s the main reason no body has not heard all that much from me recently stay tuned though some big events are not far off now and when they happen i will be forecasting some more

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