Disgust Over Hillary; Possible Assassination

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I have been thinking for some time that Hillary is the NWO selection of liar in chief for 2016, READ THIS ARTICLE. I believe if she is elected it is a fake, rigged election.   People will become very angry and tired of all the political non-sense in our country which seems to be increasing by the day since we have lunatics in positions of power.  People will march and protest against her, reject her at events, throw stuff at her, make fun of her non-stop;  they will have to pay a lot of money to create the illusion she is somehow popular or liked at all.   I don’t wish anyone to be assassinated but sometimes I get a photos of an angry man going after Hilary.  I don’t know if he succeeds in his mission to off Hillary but in my mind he is a caucasian man wearing jeans and is average built, average weight and has sandy colored hair.  I think he is middle aged, not too old and not overly young.  I am not sure if he is alone or represents a group but if he succeeds they will most likely blame some group they don’t like.  Is he a false flag?  I am not sure yet.  Further, I am not sure of the time frame of this event.  If, for some reason, the NWO backs off of Hillary for president it is possible the obsessed man who wants to harm her will not be so obsessed.  I think he is already obsessed and angry though and I am not sure why.  

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2 thoughts on “Disgust Over Hillary; Possible Assassination

  1. Hmm, interesting. I have a feeling she may succeed at getting her party’s nomination after all, but if Rand Paul is her challenger on the GOP ticket, she will be defeated in a general race. A lot of this depends on voter apathy or lack thereof and the timing of certain events around the world. Good to note in any event whether she wins or not.

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