NWO- Meet the Black Liberty Movement


I am not in favor of race division in any way.  I am color blind.  As I mentioned, my aunt was convinced we were actually black because Syria is technically in Africa and I am 1/4 s Syrian.  Anyway, lately I am picking up on something interesting.  I think the intolerance of the black community against violations of human rights is really awesome.  Everyone will need such an intolerance and they will lead due to their memories of recent history.  They will fight the NWO and not become slaves because of their amazing spirit.  They will team with others who value human rights.  Basically, I am starting to see a movement from the black community of human rights which will unite races and promote human rights. I see some leaders, particularly a woman, who will shine very brightly like a Martin Luther King Jr.  They will pick up on the eugenics NWO scheme of the NWO that has killed so many black babies.  I see a rebellion against eugenics.  I have seen this woman in several of my dreams.  I don’t know whom she is yet, just she is there, waiting ini awesomeness to lead people into a good place for liberty and human rights.  Division will backfire into a united stance for human rights.  I see the black community as raising leaders right now to fight the NWO.  These leaders are fierce and really neat individuals.  Lets watch carefully. I see this as very good.  They call themselves “The Black Liberty Movement.” However, they stand for all human rights.  I agree with their principals.  It isn’t a hate movement but a love movement which effects good human rights changes.  I see people protesting ‘NWO created racial tension.’  Races unite!  PS I am not sure who this female leader in the black community is, maybe related to Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.?  Or maybe its is several black women.  Your time is now.  

I just googled the ‘black liberty movement’ and didn’t see anything yet for them.  They are coming and will be a NWO force to recon with.  AWEOME.   Maybe they will pick ‘black human rights movement.’ However, this is pending and will not be changed, it is ordained by the powers of good.  Maybe BLO the black liberty organization.  Unsure of what name they choose but I see a group and a movement which is very very good.  

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