Thoughts on Ferguson


While I’d like to say that I specifically foresaw these events following the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Bryan Willman, I sadly did not see this coming. However, I do sense that this is the last straw that is going to break the camel’s back for when civil war is declared next year. After the recent deaths of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner by police, the tolerance of oppressed communities is reaching its final limit. Government reactions have ranged from semi supportive of the protestors to flat out hostile towards them in a tyrannical sort of fashion. The complicated nature of these strings of deaths is revealing to the world the elite’s agenda against their hard fought intentions to suppress the truth.


Knowing now that they understand my words are not threats but unsaid realities, the leaders of the free world are trying, in vain, to find a way to continue on with their occupation in Gaza and Iraq without the risk of violence spilling over into the streets of the United States. As I have said before and will say again, that’s not an option on their table. The more that US presence in Iraq increases, the bloodier the battles will become in the United States. As Israel’s ties to the Ferguson police department become more mainstream, Netenhayu and the Israelis will also have to make a very difficult choice for their own security. That’s why I’m writing this piece….to showcase the last chance of tension reduction before it flares into the actual civil war I have long predicted five months earlier than anticipated.


The United States and the Israeli military should effectively provide refuge for the Palestinian women and children caught in the middle of a battle they did not choose to engage in. Doing so will free the military there to fight Hamas as they are anti-semitic and will use the tensions in Ferguson to spur anger against Israel; leaving them with no allies left in the free world. As this is going on, a full “New Deal” must be implemented worldwide that creates a maximum wage limit with a minimum wage increase in order to spur the economy. A healthy world is one that eliminates vast disparities in wealth distribution and returns the American (and worldwide) Middle Class to its rightful place of prominence in democratic affairs. Prosecuting Dick Cheney and the previous US administrations for war crimes is also necessary, as well as the prosecution of all banking leaders responsible for the 2008 stock market collapse. Doing this will be the only way to avert another civil war. Not doing so will mean that it will become necessary to watch the bloody overthrow of leadership worldwide in order to eliminate the virus that is the corrupt 1%. This will lead to a more lasting state of peace for the entirety of the world.


This is the last straw for the Illuminati/Skull + Bones government who I have addressed before in previous posts. Make this next mistake of violent arrests/martial law implementation and you will not have another chance to save yourselves from the corruption that will swallow you whole. The hands of death will come for you and no one will save you when the Grim Reaper takes you back to your creator to try, in vain, to justify your Earthly sins. Mark my words now and do the right thing. Otherwise, be prepared to suffer the consequences of your karmic demise that you are the only ones responsible for inflicting upon yourselves. 😉

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