Here Come the Vampires and Cannibals


I have posted before about my dreams about zombies and how I think at some point our society will explode into cannibals in areas due to food shortages.  I had some dreams that people were cannibals in war torn areas.  I often disregard monster dreams but find them haunting and vaguely amusing at times.  This article just caught my eye about children in Iraq drinking their parent’s blood to stay alive, READ HERE.  I have read articles akin to soylent green where scientists posit recycling the dead into food, READ HERE.   They say that within 10-15 days if there is a food shortage people will become cannibals, READ HERE.  The ‘just in time’ food delivery is not reliable. I find it disconcerting the government discourages stored food and the prepper movement and makes laws to seize stored food or try to prohibit it in certain areas.  I don’t plan on eating the family pets or resorting to cannibalistic means to feed my family in the event of a crisis.  My heart really goes out to these Iraqi children drinking their parent’s blood.  Of course, you don’t hear Obama discussing this tragedy.  The media doesn’t report the trauma for these poor kids and thank goodness for social media/alternative media.  I think these vampire/monster apps like the one I used above on my photo are very fun and funny.  Try it out and see if you like how you look as a monster or if perhaps it is wise to instead store food for your family.  Beware, the vamps, cannibals and zombies will emerge in our society when you least expect it—-your neighbors might be among them.  


9 thoughts on “Here Come the Vampires and Cannibals

  1. u look very scary in this pic looks like u are ready to eat some one alive, i would say even though u have blood dripping from your mouth u still seem to have some natural beauty going for u as well

  2. that is horrible and creepy. I didn’t trust my neighbors to begin with. dear god help us all.

  3. I had a dream about this picture and in the dream I was friends with fefe as this monster but i had to keep it a secret and we was roaming around in magical monster land lol kind of cool really 🙂 haha don’t worry fefe if u ever turned in to a monster as long as u don’t eat me alive i will always keep it it a secret and i will have your back haha

  4. Fefelove, you made me think of ‘Alive” by Piers Paul Read, the book about the survivors of a plane crash in the Andes in 1974. They ate the bodies of the dead to stay alive.

  5. I think this might be coming for Ohio, but I’m not entirely sure. I wrote a prediction about this last year in my year writings. I’ll post it if you want to see it. 🙂

    • This is from my predictions list:

      A horrifying night of werewolves or zombies is inflicted upon the town of Boise, Boystown, Chicago or Gainesville as experiments gone wrong roam the streets. The government clamps downs on this event rather quickly, but criminal prosecutions and mass inquiries into the situation prompt a civil rights leader to spill the beans before the freemason order is ready to share it. This causes further friction between President Ron Paul (Note: this was written when I thought President Obama was to be assassinated in 2013 and Ron Paul would win in a UN sanctioned election….disregard this) and the Illuminati which is failing in their attempts to bring about a New World Order. Calm will be found soon afterwards, but it will not last for an extended period of time.

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