New perception

Last night I went through a deep meditation and I saw something came out from my chest. It was multidimensional mirror. A lucid and alive mirror. I was very cautious to touch it. I heard a voice. He said I need to learn to work with it and suddenly from mirror’s behind I saw something same as keyboard appeared. I did not need to type on it. It reflected all my mind on mirror and also answer to any question. Its shape was not static or fixed, always changing in shape and brightness and … was completely alive. The question was in my mind was about “What is beyond our human perception?”. Answer: “Pay attention to principle of uncertainty in spirits world.” I saw “principle of uncertainty” is created by high spirits. Wow. I am still thinking about it. I wish to explain my perception clear for you guys. EVERYTHING BEYOND HUMAN PERCEPTION OBEYS “PRINCIPLE OF UNCERTAINTY” and to PERCEIVE it WE NEED ENERGY. At the end I was sure I will have the mirror to end of life.

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