My child self

I had a dream that my six year old self came to me from the past. I didn’t seem like myself at six. My six year old self was behaving soft spoken and bashful, kinda. I remember me being energetic, talkative, pretty spoiled, smiling a lot, and with a big head. Perhaps I was bashful when it came to certain people.I do remember that.

I asked my six year old self something personal, and my six year old self gave me the answer. I wanted to somehow go back to the past and tell my family about it so it could be dealt with, but realized it would ruin the future…I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So the child returns back wherever it came from, and I look towards this laptop…and it’s him, growing older and older. He becomes grown and I see him dancing(I don’t dance), then he grows older and he became a preacher or motivational speaker. I perceived this as an alternate timeline.Perhaps maybe it wasn’t me, maybe it was someone a lot like me, or someone close to me.

This song popped up in my head, listen to the lyrics.


5 thoughts on “My child self

  1. I embraced my child self.I then had a dream about growing a bush(hair). Which denotes personal growth. Was I claiming a part of me that left when I was six?A healing?

    Childhood is the most important stage of a person’s life.

  2. knowitnext …. On this website you are a “Preacher” , don’t you SEE it?? This website is not a Personal Diary… so ,how else would you define Who you are on here my dear person????

    • hey ellie, is the name “ellie” short for your real name, like a nickname?

      On here I could be perceived as many things…an idealist, a theorist, an informer, a teacher etc.But “preaching” is what I do naturally.The preacher of ktn sounds great, but I don’t want anyone making any expectations of me with such labels. Sometimes I try not to waste my “precious” time on those who don’t want to be helped.

      I do multiple things on here.I am multiple things, or I can be nothing.

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