Increase in Looting/Rioting Nationwide; Pretense for Martial Law


I have warned about an increase in looting/rioting which I have believed is pending for awhile now.  Recently the news about the looting/rioting in Ferguson is a foreshadowing of how easily an event can trigger a city wide melt down, READ HERE.  I was reading that some neighborhoods were spared because citizens defended their businesses/neighborhood with their guns READ HERE.  Now is the time to make sure you have a gun to defend your home/business/neighborhood/family in the event looting/rioting comes near you.  When Texas gets a hurricane there is rarely looting like in some other states because we have a well armed citizenry.  We will only see more instances of rioting/looting as our country sinks further into demise.  I believe the media/powers that be want to use civil unrest/riots/looting and disease as a pretense for martial law.  Prepare yourself.

2 thoughts on “Increase in Looting/Rioting Nationwide; Pretense for Martial Law

  1. Metro/urban or politically democrat areas should be more prepared…Anyways, cant believe were all being played by the elite to media etc…

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