People being held hostage at a grocery store

An extremely intellectual spirit came and spoke to me this morning.Super articulate.I think he’s a guide.He siad something about august 21st, being an important date.Might be the guide I spoke to a year and a half ago. I guess spirits wanna talk to me now.

I always quickly forget the details.But I asked him “is their any significant dates i need to know about”. I found myself in a grocery store, food lion, I was looking for some stuff to buy. I had a cart full of some stuff, left it in an aisle for a sec to go get some organic cheese, didn’t find any, and came back and saw my cart missing. Next thing you know, everyone starts ducking. I go up to the front and a guy has a gun to a little girls head and threatens to shoot her if anyone comes near. I am not sure what his goal was. I was ducking/hiding. I think in real life I would try to sneak behind him and take the gun away from him. 

back to the story,

everyone was hiding and suddenly everyone starts to walk home. I didn’t see the gunman anywhere, the girl was free. I walk out the store and look back inside to see if the burglar was caught. The burglar was playing dead. I looked at him and he laughed…his nose was gone.Did someone blow his nose off?

Weird, man.