Obama; The Mass Murderer of Iraqi Civilians



It is a huge joke that Obama was awarded a peace price.  He should be on trial for crimes against humanity.  The next wave of mass murder in Iraq is transgressing and Obama and his regime are responsible.  This is clearly about the dollar on the fritz and World War III has already started, in my opinion.  I predict mass protests over the actions of the USA and a huge backlash regarding Iraq.  The current actions of the USA in Iraq are a shameful wave of mass murder.  Does anyone notice that the people in charge are all insane right now?  Protests are pending over these actions.  We will soon be viewing photos of dead women, children and old people in Iraq and luckily social media gives these victims a voice.  The media wants to dehumanize them into statistics but we will see the obvious crimes against humanity.  Iraq is in a humanitarian crisis right now and the good people of the world will sympathize.