Sky is falling

I am having the same feeling like when I saw the meteor fall in Russia a while back.   I keep seeing something in the sky about 6o degrees angle from me.  I keep looking to the west in the sky.  It is something bright there (not the sun  heh) falling or projected there .  Like a bright flash from a camera.   I am not feeling any foreboding like something really bad is going to happen, but I do feel like it is very important and significant. 


7 thoughts on “Sky is falling

  1. That’s interesting yoga, some time back i felt something was coming from space, altho i couldn’t put my finger on it. At first i thought it was an asteroid, but then it was too bright to be an asteroid. it may have something to do with the galactic federation.. It’s strange, i know it’s there, i know it’s heading for us, and has been for a very long time, but i have no idea what it is..I wish i did, coz it’s a real phenomenon.

    • No. Not from a super nova because I think it is within our atmosphere or near it. I did post a prediction a while back about the creation of a new star. Unfortunately we do not have access to anymore. If I remember right we will see a new star visible I think from the southern hemisphere. They will name it something really dumb and ridiculous too.

  2. Evidence government is hiding astroid strike north east hitting off the coast pureto rico will cause east coast tsunami google Efrain Rodriguez he is the prophet who sees this they found it in the scopes and are hiding it in fear of panic for people

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