An Open Letter to Psychics & Readers


May the good Lord blesses us all, for every living human that he created. As psychic & philanthropist, I penned this open letter for psychics & readers as well. Please don’t make any conclusion ahead of the contents, no parasitism thus this letter mean.
When the whole world came to know the devastation made by hurricane Haiyan in my region, eastern Philippines, I was one of the survivors. Yet, all of us who survived due to political sub divisions have not been given the support we need. I cannot deny the fact that being a good Samaritan, not to boost myself, victims are continuously sought attention from me, for their everyday needs, for whom has not moved on yet but more hardship they have with, because of the successive storms and down of livelihood sources.

And every eyes of people and country who loves us, unfailingly shared their tremendous support in our government, thus, what they give are all deposited under the National Treasury of our strong republic. What a dismay, such support has fallen only under the treasury, not all were been given as such, truly directly to the victims. A million thanks to those who supported us and to the Non-government organizations as well.

Been 9 months on the wrath of the killer hurricane, been 9 months I am having ups and down, sleepless nights and effortlessly supporting our local community. What else can I give? Even myself, I cannot give for what I need. Through this space, may I humbly beseech your kind heart, your willingness to help, your instinct vision for the needy, to drop single purse in your most gracious way of sharing, loving and caring for humane affections.

Again, may all the blessings you will pour return with abundant kindness.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Psychics & Readers

  1. Hi devino, perhaps it might be helpful to speak to a councillor. Their very good at supporting you in times like this, when things get too much and you need to offload. i wish you all the best and hope things improve in your life. love and blessings, soul xxxx

  2. Divino, it also helps to talk to people who share the pain with you or the Burden, Sometimes just speaking of what bothers you, makes you feel better. Even if there is no Answer on the other side, but an open ear. God gives us jobs that he knows we can handle, even thou we think we can not. Remember that. You are teacher even when you are in service of others. Why? Because believe it or not, someone in the next generation will Say … I want to do what he Did. Yes, Divino, we don’t always know everything. =)

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