Unwanted Spirits and presences

I made a post on the wrong blog by accident, so I decided I should take advantage of it.This is based off of my personal experiences…


I’ve felt the presence of entities with all different kind of feelings.  I’d close my eyes and see all kinds of strange energies. I think intense energies are like flames. These energies are not in colors, it’s hard to describe, but you know it’s energy. It’s like the heatwaves you see when it’s really hot outside, except it moves like sparks or lines, and it grows bigger and bigger.Last night, after I prayed, I felt a presence, I closed my eyes,but  it was trying to keep me awake. Perhaps it’s my choice  words causing these things to come?


I’m not quite sure, but I think  you kind of get a headache and mood swings when they are trying to possess you.


Also, what is that tingling sensation I keep feeling on the back right of my neck. Does any other psychic get weird sensations/tingling feelings around the head/neck area?



4 thoughts on “Unwanted Spirits and presences

  1. Hi. Unifed,

    Do you protect yourself while you’re in prayer? I visualize a white light, and I’ve used white sage through the entire house..the sage seems to work really well.

      • Hi United,
        Did the presence you felt after your prayer of protection feel negative? I use sage to keep negative spirits or entities from entering my home. The use of sage and visualizing a white light light just helps me feel more protected while I’m praying or meditating.

  2. Yes, after prayer. It didn’t feel negative.It felt “vast”or intense. A feeling of “everywhere”

    Some feel negative, and some feel light.

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