Warning:Pedophiles/Child Molestors characteristics/traits

This is me revealing from gathered insight that I’d usually dismiss or overlook. it’s better to say it, and possibly help many.

This may not apply to all, but I believe it applies to most.

There has been scenarios where a child would be too scared to tell a trusted adult about being touched, or the child would tell the adult, and the adult just dismisses it or not believe it.Or even the child being touched and growing up not knowing.

Here’s my issue,

why is it, that there are individuals who “refuse” to believe that someone is a child molestor just because “He/she is a great person and they get along”?All just because “everyone likes him/her”.What does that mean!That doesn’t make ANY sense!I’m sure yo have people who seem mean and rude, but would never touch a child.There are people hated by many, and wouldn’t touch kids! Why would immediately dismiss something like these based off of irrelevant reasons?If some has a habit, but gets away with it, most likely, they will keep doing it!

Here’s someone for example(I know this is pretty old, but who cares)!Look how defensive she gets, as if she is a child molester herself or as if she’s been sexually involved with woody allen before.Watch this video:Pinnacle of Ignorance

Here are some things that I believe to be a sign of a child molestor/pedophile/predator:

1: Some of them act childish for their age,most, if not,all of the time, and never take anything seriously as if they are psychologically stuck in the childhood age when they were molested. They grow up and reinact on other kids. It’s like an impulse for them.It’s a sickness.

2:When they hold your baby and always walk away with them.(Not saying this is the case with everyone, but if they FREQUENTLY do this, then something is wrong)

3:They wait until everyone’s attention is averted from the prey, and walk off with the child.

4:They are sometimes that “friend”, that doesn’t really have a close relationship with anyone that always comes to your child’s birthday party with no presents.They always make up excuses for why they don’t have presents. I saw a guy like this and he had that “loose” look on his face, and he spoke way too low and quietly when speaking to the girls.It came across as sexual.The mother allowed him to be around because she had infatuation with him. You see how appearance make some people act stupid and cloud their judgement?

5:When they look at a child, it’s almost like they are hypnotized.Or in a daze!They smile too hard, those with vision would probably know what I’m talking about. It’s like when I see two people down where I live and they’d handshake each other for too long, smile too hard, look each other deeply in the eyes for more than 30 seconds, then you’d know somethings up.

6:If they are always teasing your child, picking on your child,and get mad at the child when the child doesn’t like them. It’s kind of like with grown ups, when someone wants to engage with you, but you don’t like them back, and they start acting aggressive towards you.

7:They are too quiet and nervous when the topic of child molesters/pedophiles come about.Or even DEFEND IT! Some even say things out of guilty conscience.

8:Some think they are sly. They’d bring their nephew, niece, friend’s kid, even their own kid as an excuse to be around other kids!

9:They barely even know the child, and they act as if you knew the child for very long time!Too friendly!

10:They always hang around playgrounds!

11:They clutch onto babies way too tightly.

12:When the baby hurts them self, they don’t react with compassion.


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  2. Let me also say this,

    If I have offended anyone who does one of these, but is not a pedo, I SINCERELY apologize.

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