Cry for Democracy

THE ongoing and increasingly bitter row within the governance of Pres. Benigno Aquino III of the Republic of the Philippines boils down, basically, to a constitutional clash. It also raises the specters of real, grassroots democracy that could provide a serious wake-up call to unite the Filipinos across the Archipelago.
As the country heads towards Presidential Elections by 2016, the principle of democracy is in crises, coupling the Philippine Constitutions into the hands of now becoming dictator which he thinks the judiciary is under his control. In his whitewash of issues on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), he owned heavy explanation to the minds of every Filipino on how he steal the Philippine Constitution bestowing the Bangsamoro agreement into a hidden State just because he want to get the prize in Nobel or pride of his excellence even if he’s stepping on the rouge of poverty.

As he defies the Supreme Law of the land with the decisions excavated by the Supreme Court in their pronouncements as unconstitutional on the implementation of DAP, his allies blitzing him still under owed of their political seats.
political seats
So even those allied leaders who have aligned themselves with the demand to adhere to the constitution could find themselves under pressure, their relatively privileged lifestyles and positions under threat. In the course of yellow ribbon fever, it is now less supportive, people down the streets shouting for democracy, fair living and defies dictatorship.
As hemmed by psychic prediction, the cry for democracy will end by impeachment, if not by due process I am seeing a bad nightmare…WORST WILL COME SOON!!



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