Words of Encouragement for the Troops/Oath Keepers



This is a special message for our troops/Oath Keepers.  In my dreams and visions you are the salvation of so many.  Thank you for all that you do to defend freedom, expose the truth, protect human rights and restore the Constitution of the USA.  I am writing this because one of my dear friends who writes on this blog was expressing his sadness to me over the ongoing persecution of veterans/troops/Oath Keepers/whistleblowers.  Please hang in there because we need the good people in your position of power right now.  You are not alone, the resistance will continue to grow against the NWO.  You make the difference in our future.  I encourage everyone here to pray for these good folks as they are suffering to stand up for good things; you hold our children’s future in your hands.  Do not be discouraged, your actions make a huge difference right now and in the future.  God bless you.  I send you my love.  In the moments you feel alone, please remember you are not alone because generations of good people are with you in spirit and love.  You are our heroes.




One thought on “Words of Encouragement for the Troops/Oath Keepers

  1. Fefe, read this. It was published before Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

    Please don’t fall into the wrong side of history. It repeats itself. That’s God’s truth for humanity.

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