Hospitals: The Place to Die Not Heal



I spent the day in a hospital visiting my cousin’s new adorable baby boy (see above).  I just got home and was looking at the news and had a photo in my head that something is wrong at hospitals/going to get worse.  I think they are under-reporting the number of deaths in hospitals.  I think strange superbugs and super infections are in the hospitals and this will only increase.  I read an article that said there are Ebola patients in the USA in hospitals and that hundreds of health care workers in Africa are exposed to/getting Ebola.  I predict there will soon be articles of infected health care workers in the USA who have contracted Ebola and are spreading it to other patients and their families/friends.  I think if you work in healthcare you should take precautions with your health/sanitation.  Avoiding hospitals if possible is a good idea.  In my photo in my mind I just saw all these sick and dying and infected people with strange diseases and the words ‘hospitals are a place to die not heal’ came into my mind.  The strange disease boom is just starting and will increase.  I don’t like those strange executive orders about people with respiratory issues; I feel there are sinister plans at work involving fear/sickness/false flag/bioweapons/martial law/camps/vaccines.  I don’t know how long it will take but I see headlines in my mind about healthcare workers in the USA and Ebola/Flu and creepy diseases—exposure. Read THIS article about how Obama is bringing Ebola into the USA after signing his executive orders to detain sick Americans.  Also see THIS commentary about Obama’s evil plans concerning the pending medical tyranny and NWO Agenda 21 plan to use Ebola to depopulate and exploit and usher in a new tyranny.  Once again, DO NOT POST SICKNESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.


UPDATE: This just posted today: HERE is an article about SIX nurses dying of a killer bug (Ebola) in the UK.  This prediction is already underway.  I expect to see this here in the USA and all over….hospital workers dying in mass.


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  1. Namaste, I feel every word you are saying,thats why this is the time to go back to nature for the healing to begin,all healing comes from the earth,and not man made drugs,they are setup to kill the human race,its way to many folks on this planet,for all this calamity thats going on right now.I trust in nature I get all my healing from doing the one thing man said to never do and that is to stare at the sun as it rises up & go down for 30mins.I was healed from my pains & stress and lost weight,i have more energy than any drugs can try to give one ya

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