images-6Extreme seismic energy activity on the Ring of Fire August through October, 2014 with high probability of tsunamis. Everyone living in coastal areas be prepared and stay safe.
Peace, love and light to the world.❤


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  1. Hello Soulconnection,
    Here is a list of areas I feel we need to watch closely for increased seismic activity with the potential for releasing a significant amount of energy to create a tsunami. Time and space perception on Earth is different than on the other side and more fluid and dynamic. The future is not set and our thoughts and words can change the future, so it’s challenging to list specific dates and times of future events. I had a dream of a large tsunami and posted it on KTN. In my vision, a 200-300 foot tsunami occurred on the West Coast. Janice, replied to my post that this event may occur sometime around when the clocks change. The clocks will be changing again in November. I’ll update this post when I receive more information to share. Please be prepared and stay safe.
    Areas to watch:
    Puerto Rico
    New Zealand
    Mariana Islands
    Solomon Islands
    New Guinea
    Saudi Arabia
    New York

    Peace, love and light to you and the world.❤xoxo

  2. holy guacamole!!!!!!! my god that quake or quakes would have to be 9-10 pointers to cause that!. I picked up a major quake in the caribbean some months back, but nothing like this.. I’m in Australia, on the east coast, do i need to be worried? Thanks darling xx

  3. Dear Soulconnection,
    There is no need to worry. The eastern half of Australia should be a safe zone. However, keep watch in rising tidal zones that may require some who are living near the coast to relocate to safer areas.
    Peace, love and light to you and the world.❤ xoxo

    • Oh thanks so much for that sweetie, i really appreciate your reply, and will take note of what you said. I live about 100 miles from the coast.. I’ll be sending out positive thoughts to world for this upcoming event. I knew something big was coming just not on that scale yet.. As i said, I foresaw a massive quake that was about a 10 pointer in the caribbean about 6 months ago if i remember right. I saw it wipe out the majority of the surrounding islands including puerto rico as you have also seen. Do you think that the 10 pointer i’ve seen might be the trigger that sets off the rest perhaps?.. god help those poor buggers ;((

    • Something i forgot to add in my last post Are you gonna be ok?, meaning are you in a safe zone?. I hope so and will be sending protection energy to you and your family.. Ok i have just done it. i’ve wrapped you and your family in golden light, amethyst, and indigo.. (There was a bit of yellow in there too, i don’t know why that went to you, but anyway). My best friend is going to istanbul in september for 11 days to meet this guy. I really wish she wasn’t going, She has reconnected with him after 30yrs. She’s never had a serious partner and i worry about her with this dude.. I had a bad feeling about it when she told me even before your prediction… I can’t talk her out of it. She’ll be spending her 50th birthday with him, in istanbul.. very uneasy feeling i have.. Anyway thanks again hun, for all your info, EVERYONE, PLEASE HEED EARTHANGEL’S WARNING SHE’S RIGHT!.

  4. Dear Soulconnection,
    Yes, I do believe the10 magnitude quake you envisioned in the Caribbean 6 months ago is connected to future events that may trigger other Earth changes events.
    It was very kind of you to ask, if I’m going to be ok? Yes, I have been placed in a safe zone in North America. Thank you for sending protection energy to me and my family. I have also sent this protection energy to you and your family. The yellow energy you saw was a healing energy. I also sent protection energy to your best friend who is traveling to Istanbul in September and I wish her a very happy birthday. Thank you again, for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
    Peace, love and light to you and the world.❤ xoxo

    • Awww that’s lovely sweetheart, thankyou so much for the energy, for my family and for my bf. I had a feeling about that 10 mag quake being the trigger, soo soo sad for all those people that are going to be affected, i’ve tears in my eyes now as i’m typing. I’m glad your in a safe zone that’s awesome. I think i’ve been placed where i am for the same reason. This is why i don’t feel ebola will wipe out the world,This series of quakes will do a lot of that all on it’s own unfortunately. I’ve heard through sources that the serum has worked and has cured that doctor and a nurse. Now the race is on to have it released publicly, and block the PTB from not allowing it to be released. Your very welcome for everything, your a beautiful soul.
      Love to you xox

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