Has anyone ever noticed that whenever you really want something to happen, put a lot of energy into that desire, but it never happens only until you’ve finally forgotten about it?

Or when you really hate something, want it to go away, put a lot of energy into wanting it gone, and it doesn’t go away until you’ve forgotten about it?

Your want sometimes happen when you stop worrying, and your “nonwants” go away when once you stop putting energy into it?Almost, as if  as soon you lose hope, it happens.


I’ve always pondered on this idea…perhaps others can fill in the gaps.


7 thoughts on “Metaphysics

  1. This is actually the mechanics of making a blessing–cherishing the desire, then completely letting go so it can be fulfilled by nature. While we hold on to the desire, we bind it. Fulfillment is complex, involving many steps we couldn’t possibly grasp. Nature isn’t free to take those steps until we let go.

  2. I have found through my own personal experience that nothing comes when you actively seek it out. I would love to meet a nice woman to share the rest of my life with and marry, but I know that this will never happen if I actively seek out a wife. I will only find a woman to love and cherish if God decides to bring us together.

    1. Rest of life? Yikes! Marriage?Even more Yikes!

      I’ve always imagined having an attractive, open-minded girl who can handle my intensity, and can challenge my intellect. If she exists, I’m sure she doesn’t live in an environment who can do her the same.But…I’m subtly taking my energies off of these things. It must release!

      1. Dude, this is an excellent post and the picture is pretty awesome as well. The plan i think it what you are speaking of and i agree… Not a religious plan, but a spiritual plan – and as humans i find it difficult sometimes that was is best for us is often not very appetizing…

  3. Steve, I agree with you on that. Sometimes what we want, is not what we need.And sometimes, what we need, is not what we want.

    I will definitely be accessing the depths of my mind and posting the most overlooked thoughts that I’d usually be underconfident about posting.Those are the best ideas, sometimes.

  4. The picture kind of gives you an idea on what metaphysics is about.even though metaphysics is not the easiest of concepts to even explain.

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