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I had another tsunami dream and was a little scared to post it.  I thought it might be personal but it didn’t feel this way.  Michael Vanders prediction gave me the courage to just post it and see if it can be of use so here goes.  I am in a high rise building at least 11 stories high I am staring out a picture window.  I see waves up to the window and tossing a hull of a small ship, probably 75 ft. long and it is just tossing it and tossing it and I am worried because I could see it coming through the window but the waves just toss it away.  It was strange because it was just a metal hull painted rust red which I think is primer and had white letters and numbers on the side.  All I remember is a 1 and an N.  There are so many debris in the water and what I think are tops of buildings but the water is so rough that I cannot be sure.  I had the distinct feeling I was in New York although I have never been there unless you count a layover on the tarmac at JFK for an hour, but I never left the plane.  In my dream I walked to the stairwell and opened a metal door.  There was no rail and it was like opening a door to the deck from a tug boat but anyway I saw people floating and treading water under a bridge.  I saw an older woman that still had the black scarf around her head and she was hanging out by some kind of pillar or sign.  There was another woman who had a baby about 24 mos. old.  I think she was the daughter of the older lady.  In my mind I wanted to ask the mother and her baby to come up to my condo (?) but before I could say anything she swam over and pushed the baby towards me.  The baby kind of sank and I missed grabbing it and then it floated towards the surface.  I was thinking that I needed to jump in when I reached my arms down in the water and the baby grabbed me.  I brought it up and held it tight and cried very hard.  I looked at the mom as if to ask her to come up with me but she swam away looking at us.  I wasn’t sure anyhow how long we would be able to say in the building before we had to leave.  Like I said before, I thought this might be personal until Michael posted his predictions and I thought that “you stupid girl, this is not about you at all”.  It really felt kind of detached and so vivid that I didn’t want to take a chance of not posting information that could be of use and a warning.  I can take a ribbing if I am wrong, it is not sharing something that could be of value that would really be wrong.th1PKMBUI5


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    • Eerie, I tried to find something close to what I saw. It was almost “dancing” on the waves in my dream. I also got an answer to my question if the dream was personal or not and it most definitely was not. I really feel that this will happen, I just hope that if people think it is foolish to prepare for an event like this that they just prepare for an event period. Tsunami’s, landslides, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, earthquakes, power outages, war, civil unrest have happened in the past and they will happen in the future.

  1. If there ever is a Cataclysmic Earthquake in San Francisco, most likely there would also be an accompanying Devastating Tsunami.

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