Executive Order to Detain Americans Who have a Booger



Ok, Obama’s newest executive order isn’t really about boogers but it might as well be.  That anti-christ just signed an executive order saying that the federal government can detain Americans who have respiratory illness, READ HERE.  Basically, he is allowing the government to proclaim anyone (healthy or sick) a threat to national security based on if they might have been exposed to a sickness, might be sick, might have a booger or might have some other respiratory disease.  Hey, don’t post your sickness on your Facebook because maybe the feds will bang down your door and take you off to a camp, especially if you are on their threat list (Patriots, Veterans, Gun owners).  BTW they do monitor and log people who post their sicknesses on Facebook.   Just wait until they use their bio-weapon sickness amid possibly other events (war? financial collapse? false flag? etc.) and declare martial law and then start ushering Americans into camps.  I bet most of the time those camps are like roach motels and you check in but don’t check out: Welcome to the Hotel Cali-Obama, you can check in anytime you want but you can never leave….”  RED FLAG AlERT.  Obama is not signing this executive order without plans to use it.  Everyday he is inching closer to civil war.  I read how some stooges were accusing Matt Drudge of instigating civil war.  This is absurd, all that news site does is link to articles which expose what they are doing.  Maybe this is true that when their evil deeds are exposed people will want to stop them when they start hunting us down and grabbing us over our boogers if we are patriots.  We have reached a new stage of obscene executive orders which practically detain anyone over their boogers.  I swear I am radically offended, disgusted and appalled.  Maybe the ‘terrorists’ are now hiding in our boogers; they have been known to hide in our panties so why not boogers?


UPDATE: Way to go, NWO spreading the Ebola see: HERE an article about a London plane passenger dying at the airport.  And there are more articles about more Ebola patients in the USA.  So it has started.


3 thoughts on “Executive Order to Detain Americans Who have a Booger

  1. Thanks Fefelove for your post, it is very enlightening and is something that I suspected but never quite believed. This control freak makes me physically ill, most of all because I bought the lies. Well call me naïve no more. The civil war almost destroyed our country and pitted family against family killing so many cruelly. Who can be trusted? I think when my kids are grown I will run as a state legislator. At least I know I am honest, ethical and care about mankind and the environment. ” Vote for Luna tic…she is better than the yeahoos we have in office now.” I may have to refine my campaign slogan somewhat.

  2. Good for you Luna! Go for it!, give those bastards a run for money, and wipe out the corruption :0)

  3. Fefelove, I am reminded of the Internment Camps that were used to Imprison tens of thousands of Japanese American CITIZENS during World War 2. That is one of the most Ignominus episodes in American history.

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