Musings on the Human Power of Thought to Change the World



“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehended as enduring entities.” -Dalai Lama

Today I was in the car with my four year old daughter who suddenly asked me, “How did God create humans and the world?”  I thought about this for a second and replied, “God creates through thinking.”  Then an interesting thought dawned upon me that according to traditional Christianity humans are ‘made in the image of God’ which traditionally means that we are made with the ability to ‘think, reason and procreate.  Perhaps the greatest way that humans live up to their full potential is creating through our thoughts.  I then thought of the new age ideas about ‘creative visualization’ and books like “The Secret” which explain how we create and recreate the world through the power of our minds.  I thought about the attack on our minds that the NWO has been achieving secretively though poisoning our pineal glands, destroying our ability to reason with common core education and brainwashing media, and the poisonous attacks on our minds through chemicals and electro magnetic fields in our environment/food/water/medicines.  Indeed this mental warfare destroys our very humanity in manipulating our ability to think, reason and create with our minds. 

Now my thoughts turned toward that passage in the Gospel of Mark that faith can move mountains:

Mark 11:23-25

22 Jesus answered, ‘Have faith in God.

23 In truth I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, “Be pulled up and thrown into the sea,” with no doubt in his heart, but believing that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

24 I tell you, therefore, everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours.

25 And when you stand in prayer, forgive whatever you have against anybody, so your Father in heaven may forgive your failings too.’

I think this passage has multiple layers of meaning and one of Jesus’ instructions here is that through belief/thinking/faith/the power of the mind/creative visualization the human mind is able to create amazing new realities, as we are innately made in the image of God.  Any traditional Christian can’t deny the awesomeness of this revelation; Jesus is teaching us about the power of human thought, especially in times of turmoil and oppression from evil.  We live in a time of terrible oppression from evil which is undeniable and multifaceted.  Further, forgiveness is about ‘letting go’ in terms of letting God create justice in the world and knowing that unjust suffering will be somehow made right by God ultimately.  The letting go of forgiveness is about not becoming your enemy through revengeful actions which imitate the enemy but recognizing the injustice, handing it to God and then creating a life born of intentional loving actions, not simply reactions to other people’s actions. Loving your enemy is about affording them dignified justice.  

I next thought about the new age type thinkers who believe Jesus is an alien or super enlightened inter dimensional entity and humans are made in the image of aliens (higher developed entities).  I used to consistently think this position was absurd but as science is uncovering truths about human DNA linking back to some kind of genetic manipulation which suggests alien intervention it is worth pondering.  Further, the ‘ancient alien’ archeological discoveries often point to the idea that things might not always be as they seem.  Perhaps there is a lot more to our universe; scientists are figuring out there is some kind of overlying computer program in the universe and that the lines between biology and technology might not be as they appear; in the future the transhumanist movement is going to blur those boundaries between biology and technology even more profoundly such that humans might very well ‘think then create with their minds’ quite literally like an interactive mind/computer 3d printer of the future that we cannot even fathom.

My next thought was how does the idea that we create with our thoughts combine with the idea of letting go of desires, as Buddhists and Hindus instruct that desires are the root of all human suffering.  Must there be some kind of desire within creative thinking?  How do these systems of thought mesh in the future?  I have been meditating today about how to let go of desires and the typical process of first realizing the desires then identifying the patterns of your thought and detaching from them because ultimately they are based on an illusion.  I do think most sentences in my mind which include the words ‘mine’ or ‘I’ usually end up in an unsatisfying place in my mind where I desire something/someone which ultimately can never be captivated. 

Maybe the answer is through creative thoughts that are selfless and born of selfless love.  True love is something from within, we all have love because we love and are love.  Love is openness and an orientation of pursuit of the good.  Love isn’t about capturing another person or blending into one entity which will never bring satisfaction because it never happens; this is a love myth born of movies/tv/stories/poems and illusion. 

I think that the collective power of human minds to transcend petty concerns and create true goodness/justice/freedom in our society is the greatest threat to the NWO.  This is why the info war/ exposure of truth is such a complete threat to the NWO.  This is why health and healthy minds undermines the NWO. 

I encourage the people who read this blog to find peace with their minds so we can all focus together on the collective good for humanity which is found through freedom, health, justice, goodness and the respect for all life in whatever form it comes; the love of the differences in each human being which make us unique, powerful, creative individuals.  Sometimes I think my mind is my greatest enemy and sometimes I think my mind is my best friend.  I suppose this internal struggle is typical right now of humanity since our world is wrought with intense unjust suffering which, by all news headlines, seems to be increasing at exponential rates right now.  The cosmic battle between good and evil is climaxing right now; the good will succeed. 

The desire of the NWO is to steal our humanity/cause death/conquer and enslave to gain power.  This too is an ultimate illusion which they cling to born from desire and their sinister creative visualization/manifestation of evil.  However, the more they attempt to satisfy their insane desires the more the world, the very earth, human DNA and creation rebells in every way possible because this is the attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole.  The secret is that humanity is neither the square peg nor the round hole and this union can never be.  Humanity is more of a star which constantly brightens and becomes more brilliant throughout time.  We are not nearing any sort of black hole because humanity cannot be non-human.  We are whom we are.  One of the greatest lessons in life is that you can’t make someone into something they are not- unrealistic expectations lead to complete unhappiness.  The NWO is most unhappy and will increase in unhappiness as they desperately attempt to manipulate a reality which they do not control. 

I was contemplating what makes people turn into control freaks the other day.  I read some psychological articles about control freaks.  I think the idea of control is absolutely hilarious because most people cannot control themselves much less anyone else.  Control is a complete illusion and ultimately the only thing we can control is our minds. It is only through control of the mind that, in turn, we are able to create wonderful things.  Control freaks ultimately have no control of their own mind, no understanding of self.  Socrates said, “know thyself.”  Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing your mind and thus being master of your thoughts and thus finding any sort of happiness/knowledge/freedom. 

Sometimes when life gets hard I consider the images of the enlightened Buddhist monks in India that are poor and sit in the dirt in complete elation/bliss.  Sometimes they are blind/deaf/deformed and yet they have complete happiness/bliss because they control their minds and have let go of their desires.  I also think of the people who have undergone persecution and written some of the most beautiful, inspiring happy writing about how wondrous life is even amid their complete persecution.  I think of how they create good things for the world through their words, their mind; these people live up to their true humanity.  I compare this with social climbers I have known who spend pointless hours discussing the latest Prada bag and how the hundreds of dollars of wine they swirl and sniff in their glass is one or two temperatures off and thus unsatisfying.   I think of the chronic unhappiness of people who win the lottery and commit suicide or the very wealthy who escape constantly into drugs and obsessions until they commit suicide.  The search for human happiness begins with mastering your own mind and letting go of desires.

Many of us are under the NWO brainwashing that we are pointless/worthless individuals leading a meaningless life and are better off dead.  We are not better off dead.  We are better off embracing our true humanity, our individualization, and using our thoughts to create good things.  One loving choice we make has millions of repercussions in the world which spread love and goodness in many ways we couldn’t possibly comprehend.  Imagine the ‘butterfly effect’ in terms of loving actions.  Imagine that your thoughts are toughtforms which actually have an existence and life of their own; our thoughts go off into the universe, collect with like thoughts and become a force of change and love for the world.