Meditation/Dream about Purpose



Yesterday I did a long meditation about finding ‘purpose’ in life and then I went to sleep.  In my dream I found myself in the big red chair again looking at photos and the robed people were talking to me.  I did this meditation because several of my friends have recently expressed a feeling of meaningless at times, sadness, hopelessness and unresolved unjust suffering.  I think maybe nearly all people feel like this sometimes as a part of the human condition in today’s difficult Post-Modern Age.  I had been painting/drawing for hours so when I started this meditation I was in a very clear state and I think I got a clear series of messages from my dream last night.

Here are the moving photos that I saw in my dream with the interpretation/commentary:

1.  I saw Buddhist and Hindu statues and the clear message written boldly on a paper: “All desire leads to suffering; let go of desires.”  I have studied these religions but have never done any kind of meditations to purposefully try to let go of desires.  I think I am being called to do this, maybe as the next stage of my soul development and purpose.  The photo turned into maybe scenes of my desires and then they were floating away and it felt very good.  I realized I don’t need these desires and they are not making me happy.  I felt very liberated.

2. I saw a variety of people from my life and instances in my life with the phrase “some people accept soul contracts and some people reject them.” The purpose is to make loving choices.

3. I saw some people whom I have known and they were holding a soul contract that suddenly went black/blank and their eyes were black.  Someone explained that these people have veered off course and they have no purpose because they are not loving at all.  They have completely failed and are devolving and reek havoc in the world and our lives.  It is best to identify them and avoid them; they feel like a swirling suck of nervous energy.  Through their own choices, their desires they have been ultimately selfish and have not accomplished their mission but become their own destruction.  As a force of destruction any encounter with these people will cause destruction.  They are not totally lost but have to go to the afterlife and realize love to get back on course, as they devolve and have to relearn lost lessons.

4.  The fourth lesson is the most difficult for me to explain, but I will try my best right now to explain what I learned.  I saw the word “Fluid” and an ocean that seemed to be moving throughout time and space in a very different way.  They said to me “reality is fluid, you create your reality.”  I asked about soul contracts, “isn’t it all planned in the contract?”  I was shown that I am in many timeframes, many realities and it is all me somehow.  Likewise, everyone is in multiple timeframes/ multiple realities but each is one person.  They continued “your soul contract provides a basic outline for the major events in your life but you react it with choices and interact with it through others and you create/write your story according to your choices to be loving.  Other time frames have a general planetary soul contract that links to all individual contracts so each time frame has the same major events but it all creates a different picture that is related but the same.  I was looking at pictures of myself from multiple time frames and it wasn’t exactly making sense to me because humans just don’t normally think like this (in my opinion).  They explained: your life in different time frames is like pieces of a kaleidoscope–you are the kaleidoscope and are one, filled with different life experiences–each colored piece inside is an event and they remain the same inside the kaleidoscope— but when you arrange them slightly differently they create a different looking beautiful image—-each different image is a different timeframe.  They told me it is my mission to continue to remember and interact with the other time frames.  I had an image of something that happened the day before: I was talking with my mother about recurring dreams and I explained this one house I constantly see that has multiple kitchens, a giant round window, a room that leads to other rooms that are old and closed off….and all these details of the house.  My mother said that she dreams all the time of the exact same house and we took turns adding details to this conversation.  In my dream I saw the meaning of this conversation was not that we had the same dream but we were both somehow linking to/remembering another time frame which is really existing right now.  (I think this most likely sounds insane when I explain it but read a little physics and you might think differently about time frames).