Ebola is a Bioweapon



I have been contemplating the Ebola outbreak lately.  I read everything I could find online and suggest you research.  I am not here to convince or post links as evidence, but rather to say when I think from meditation/prayer/vision and reading.


  • Ebola is one of the many bio-weapons; the evidence is overwhelming.
  • As a bioweapon, Ebola is a superbug which is very sinister; bio-weapons are clever because people still view sickness as natural
  • Ebola is going to hit as a false flag out of desperation because they are getting too much resistance with their NWO
  • Ebola is one of many terrible things the NWO is doing right now to try to depopulate the world (Agenda 21)
  • Ebola is particularly creepy right now because we are experiencing an insane explosion of super bugs.
  • Ebola is the perfect ‘fear’ tool to take perfectly healthy individuals and create martial law/camps
  • Ebola will be used to force vaccinations which are also bio-weapon tools of death; don’t take a vaccine regarding Ebola during some kind of martial law situation because the vaccine is a death injection
  • They will release Ebola/spread it through strange technological means like possibly chemtails/drones over big cities
  • They will combine a series of events which befuddle and create such fear/death that people cooperate with their NWO scheme and beg for help and don’t resist and view resisters as evil disease spreaders
  • They are linking their ‘racist’ ‘political correct’ speech to Ebola in the media…..this is a sure sign of their ongoing control plans to use Ebola as a tool for control.
  • They can pass any laws they want, like gun control, under the guise of ‘saving people from Ebola’ the very threat they released upon us.
  • Thy most likely will mess with the statistics on diseases to try to cover up their use of bio-weapons.  LIES AND MORE LIES.
  • Big-Pharma has a ‘great’ solution which will make loads of money from this- no doubt they have a multi step plan of wonder drugs that are very expensive and they will release them in stages to maximize sickness/death and profits off of their created disease.   They already have the solution because they created the disease.
  • There are natural remedies that they will not explain/suppress and maybe outlaw.
  • Everyone needs to be aware of this problem as it will spread like wildfire and is going to get insane.
  • In the giant NWO chess game of the world Ebola is one move but it is not isolated from the other moves.  IT is not on ACCIDENT right now that the BOARDERS are OPEN amid a HUGE EBOLA OUTBREAK.  It is not coincidence that all the wars everywhere are heating up at the same time….the point is total confusion/mass death/complete chaos— thus the NWO ‘masters of chaos’ can control and usher in their order/solutions while desperate and fearful people beg the NWO for solutions.
  • What can you do?  1. Stay informed by researching not listening to the mainstream media, 2. Stock up on home remedies, 3. Stock up on emergency supplies, 4. Get as healthy as possible right now so your immune system is strong.

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