Recent Dream Theatre; Does it Have a Meaning?

purple land


Hello friends.  I have a habit of texting my best friend all my dreams as soon as I wake up and usually send 1-6 texts a night.  Often they are just funny or personal dreams that I don’t put that much meaning into besides a reflection of some aspect of myself.  I think the sum total of my dreams last night and the night before make quite a comedy so I am going to relay them here just for fun.  The dream theatre of ideas is often a fascinating place to go, where I wonder around my dreams with a glow in the dark cheese searching for biscuits and wine or something.

First Dream: I often find myself in a purple land like the photo above.  Usually it looks a lot like Lebanon with mountains/beach but it is totally purple: the grass is purpose and the sky is purple.  Sometimes there are shades of blue mixed into it.  I am not purple though.  In this last dream in purple land I was having this wonderful victorian style picnic that was very beautiful with my best friend. I got very excited when I noticed that we had a cake shaped like Texas and it was the only thing in my dream with lots of color.  My friend said ‘it’s  a celebration of the role of Texas in recent events.’

Texas shaped cake with Texas flag colors


Second Dream: I was dressed up as the doll from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ (I used to dress up like this for ice-skating).  My best friend told me that I had an insane obsession over him.  This is strange because he’d never say anything like this in real life, he’s very sweet.  Maybe I am insecure. Maybe it is because everyone is obsessed with this guy 🙂



Third Dream: This was my favorite dream in this series.  I dreamed that I was in bed with the old man Dracula with the huge hair buns that look like a butt.  He was so hideous and he took my hand and started licking it.  I was revolted and horrified by the site of his nasty face.  Then I woke up and realized that my cat Sarah was licking my hand.  I was just relieved I didn’t hit her thinking she was Dracula….

photo 2 photo 1


that God instead it was Sarah:


Fourth Dream: I was in some kind of ghost town with an amusement park that looked like it could have been in Scooby Doo.  Some guy kept showing up and kissing me and saying he loved me then as he did it he stuck tiny little poison darts all over me and said “you are almost dead, I nearly killed you this time.” I am not certain but I think this dream might have been partially caused by my cat Habibi who was sleeping on my back and kneading me with his sharp claws as he purred.



Fifth Dream: This one was the worst dream.  I have this one sometimes, I think it has to do with negative people who get upset and curse you.  There is a very mean woman who is upset right now with me and sends me death threats everyday…..So I bet this one came from her.  I dreamed some disturbing brown hooded (Franciscan Friar looking) demon came to me and said he was going to join me.  I had to pray him away in the name of Jesus.  In my dream Jesus sent him away and protected me and sealed me in his blood. I felt so peaceful when I woke up from this last dream, like a weight was taken away.  🙂



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