Canadian east coast and northern u.s.a east coast tsunami

Two spirits told me that there was going to be a

Canadian and northern east coast u.s.a tsunami

and it will be caused be a massive landslide from Greenland.

The reason being is because of global warming (Whether this is natural global warming or us doing it our self’s  is not the point I am making)

Due to global warming Greenland ice is melting, the same thing that will stop the gulf stream conveyor and will cause the next ice age. The ice that is in the ground has started to thaw and this is what is holding the ground together and with this ice melting some of Greenlands land mass has and will become unstable. With it ultimately causing a mass land slide in to the sea.   originally had my doubt to how accurate this information was because when I looked at the map and it looked like that Greenland was to far away. But the truth of the mater is the maps of our world are not displayed accurately and Greenland is a lot closer to Canada than u would think I was originally hesitatent to whether to post this prediction because i was not shore if this was possible  But i have done my research and it is defiantly possible and i will show u my findings




Here is a map of the epicenter of the 2004 tsunami

The distance between the epicenter and shi lanka is ruffly 900 miles

I checked on  a Google map distance calculator





Look at the amount of damage this has done from 900 miles away in shi lanka

u can find many more pictures on the internet if u want.

Using the distance calculator between Canada and Greenlands coast lines on its more southern coast liness its 530 miles between Canada and Greenland.

This is a lot closer than Shi Lanka was from the epicenter at 2004 so it is defiantly possible that a Greenland tsunami could reach there if the same size or larger. I think Canada may be some what uninhabited in that part ware I calculated the distance. But  the distance between Greenland’ and the most southern point of the Canadian east coast I calculated it  at 1350 miles, and if it is a real big tsunami which I think this one will be. I could easily see it going on for 450 miles further than the Shi Lanken tsunami did and a can see  it could be possible that a Greenland tsunami could reach there as well.




Two  spirits told me that this Tsunami will flood new York, which is a massive  1750 miles away from Greenland. 

For it to do this  the water would have to go round a slight corner. I don’t know totally the science of  water or how it could make its way round but i think it may be possible. New York would be nearly 900 miles further than Shi Lanka was from the epicenter, almost double the distance! But lets say if this tsunami has two times the power and is two times bigger than  the 2004 one, Then it could be well possible. I think the section of the land that may slide of Greenland going into the sea will be massive. And with new York beeing low laying it wouldn’t even need to be all that big for it to affect New York As far as the rest of the east coast the further you do down the less it will be affected And i was told specifically by a spirit that by the time it gets down to Florida it will be just a wave. So u floridans should be OK.

 In my meditations I keep seeing the statue of liberty and water swishing all around it I also see a bridge that looks like the Brooklyn bridge or the Manhattan one I don’t know if this relates some how. I think seeing the statue of liberty with swishing water around it and speaking to two spirits about this I think this prediction is highly likely. Whether it will reach as far as new York will will see. There is another psychic on this site Janice that posted about a east coast u.s.a tsunami. She said she thought it would be a asteroid I don’t know whether the event that she had seen is a different one to mine. Or that one of us may has some of the smaller details wrong which is easily  done doing predictions. Also this event I also think may happen at the end of 2014  or in 2015 which collates. It will come not that long after some other big events that will be due. Whether this is the same event or not some of the details seem to collate to what i have been told by two spirits years ago. And with my visions aswell which would make me suspect that’s these two events that we see may be the same event

so time will tell



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I know in this post I said that I think this event will happen 2014 to 2015

I feel that this even may even be a little further away maybe 2 years or so

the date part of it is mainly a speculation I haven’t been given specific dates on this prediction just of yet

I do know it is after some other big events that are not all that far away now.

4 thoughts on “Canadian east coast and northern u.s.a east coast tsunami

  1. Hello Micheal,
    I had a dream 2 nights ago about a tsunami in New York that I will post. I have goose bumps reading your predictions. It made me understand my dream much better. Thank you for posting this.

    1. hi Luna tic I love you blog name its well cool, sounds like u had this dream before I posted this post. That kind of makes it even more likely that this is accurate, I have been having some thoughts and feelings and i am not 100% shore on the years it might happen i know it ant that far off now it may be a little longer. I can sort of remember the year being said in one of my encounters but it is verry hazzy I am not totally sure on it. I think it may be slightly later on, I do know it follows not long from other events that ant that far away now but how long after it was I am not 100% sure on that. was the main reason I said 2014 to 2015., Thank you for you goose bumps comment i kind of see that as a compliment, Some times when we get that there is a spiritual connection with our energy’s conecting to the other side or there can be a spirit near by as well

  2. My blog name is apt, if you ask my family (haha). Thanks again for posting your prediction. I posted my dream but I’m not sure that I would have if you had not posted this. I really feel as if certain people are connecting to a higher consciousness and almost dare I say, another dimension. I can feel when I am in the presence of a good person and it is hard to describe to others who aren’t on the same channel.

  3. our spirit realm is meant to be in another dimension here on earth, thx for adding your dream to the site 🙂 it helps confirm that different people are seeing the same event 🙂

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