Ebola Warning


The storm is coming; be vigilant.  I’ve been telling Fefelove to be informed about the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa.  I told her that this time I felt something sinister; I told her it killed 660 people and infected 2 doctors trying to treat the infected.  I told her that the natives claimed the disease was given to them by the white man.  They claimed that they were being experimented on.  They got scared, and a few of them broke out of the compound, thus infecting the village.  That was two days ago.  Now close to 1000 people have died including the lead doctors.  The disease has a 90 percent fatality rate but was not airborne until now (? unsure of this?  It might be airborne….whatever the case it is spreading quickly).  An American diplomat has just died by traveling by plane from Liberia to Niger.  Now no one is sure how many people were infected.  But as I told Fefe, this is the answer to the prayers of the NWO.  This could be used to impose martial law, imprisonment of citizens by quarantine and other things; everyone’s cell phone is a personal tracking device– something to think about.

PS (From FEFELOVE): Check out this article where a NWO stooge says that 90% of people on earth will die from an Ebola outbreak and this is a GREAT thing for the world—-Agenda 21, SEE HERE.

3 thoughts on “Ebola Warning

  1. I just got a funny message from a certain friend that made me laugh out loud warning about a very serious issue: “diarrhea contamination my lovelyfefelove” and then followed up with “all it takes to make you laugh is to mention farts, doodoo or diarrhea ….it makes you hysterical you’re a weird one….”

  2. ok ok I am about to pee myself laughing….I can’t help but post the next remark, “We at least you didn’t mention your rapture panties or how the Ebola virus looks like a deformed penis” ok my response to this is that I did notice the character of the Ebola virus looking a bit sordid….I actually did think that…..rapture panties are off topic…..so no didn’t think that.

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