Would Anyone Even Care if the White House Were Nuked?



Today North Korea is fearmongering again about bombing the White House, READ HERE.  These threats remind me of those comical videos North Korea put out last year about bombing the USA.  I don’t think that North Korea will bomb the White House.  I do think eventually in the middle of the poop hitting the fan that the White House will be bombed, but by the Elites as a false flag.  I think they will bomb it and make a big deal about it and move their headquarters to Denver, their new capital because their massive bunker is underneath the airport.  They might blame patriots or North Korea or Russians or even China for this bombing but it is the Elites and part of their plan, just like 911.  They always put out movies about what they plan to do and there are a surplus of really boring sleeper movies about the White House being bombed.  I recall wanting to see a movie at some point and I noticed all these White House being attacked movies and I had a very funny conversation with my best friend who said she had no interest in seeing anything like the White House being attacked because no one cares anyway about that or wants to waste their time watching it.  When she said that I wondered, would anyone care?  Those movies were not popular.  I think the elites see an attack on the white house as fearful and disturbing but in reality people would cheer if Obama met a swift end due to North Korea!  This would save us the time/energy of impeaching him.

3 thoughts on “Would Anyone Even Care if the White House Were Nuked?

  1. I’ve had the same visions about the White House and Capitol being bombed, but as a legitimate attack and not a false flag. Like in your thoughts, I also have seen that the public will cheer this action and the international community will rally behind the rebels. The elite are on their final hour. Before long, they will no longer be in control of anything; including their lives. 😉

  2. Fefelove. I would love to see the Dictator Kim Jong Un put in one of his own Concentration Camps for the rest of his life, which I would hope would be many long years of punishment. The Concentration Camps of North Korea are little known to the outside world, but Hundreds of Thousands of North Koreans are literally Starving to Death in these Torture Chambers from Hell.

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