Israel warning of blood bath – don’t ignore the warning signs

Israel will become a war waste land

There will be no more Israel

and the cause for this will not just be the Palestinians

But war in a  neighboring  country will end up spilling over the boarder

with it ultimately turning Israel in a waste land

A message of warning! At the moment I am not sure when this will happen and I know it ant looking to good atm

but when war starts to spill over from a neighboring county and it starts to look like this prediction may be true

get out as it is going to be a blood bath

(if i get any more info i will let you know as soon as i know)



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7 thoughts on “Israel warning of blood bath – don’t ignore the warning signs

  1. Sounds about right… I really don’t care who wins or loses, its a lose-lose situation for all im concerned…. Wait till it spills towards Saudi Arabia, then I feel the fireworks will begin. Energy transportation plus prices will come into play.

  2. I don’t like the way in which this war is going. The Jewish people need a home state and it is an unfortunate occurrence that the international community has turned on them at their most important time of need. History repeats itself and this is one of those events that should not. We need reformation, not a reversion into the dark ages.

  3. hey michael vanders,

    is there a particular reason why you spell “sure” as “shore”. Is that a habit you developed from early childhood? I used to say “sangwich” instead of “sandwich” and “opposed to” instead of “suppose to”.

    1. Thanks for point that out I have corrected it. The reason is that spelling is not my strongest of arias and I had my main education in Holland in a different language in my main schooling years. Am more of a maths mind and a philosopher

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