Strange dreams…recurring bathroom scene.

We were in this school…it was me and some people that I use to know from high school.Their was a baby in my arms.We were in the school gym.A woman in a car is smiling at me…I think she found that attractive…me holding a baby.Maybe it was her kid.Another woman comes in the gym and says “Hi” flirtatiously.The scene changes, and now were in some other part of the building.The bathrooms look exactly how they were last time.It was very huge and “different” looking.Scene changes, and were in these ruins of a city, running away from some sort of cops. I’m leading/guiding a group of people to safety.The entire time, I got this concentration camp vibe. So we continue to run, and a girl i remember asks “I don’t like the way you talk”…and I said “What do you mean?”. She’s extremely insecure, as I could tell.She then tells me “You talk so thin”…what?I agreed with her for some reason, and in the dream I understood.But I don’t know what that even means in walking life.


2 thoughts on “Strange dreams…recurring bathroom scene.

  1. I use to have dreams about going to a bombed out hospital and finding people there and loading them up in my big black pick-up truck (I don’t have a truck of any kind) and the hospital was in the bottom of a crater, driving up the dirt crater trying my best to save them.

    • I had a similar dream, once, or maybe more. I actually posted it on here a week or two ago.

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