Open Letter to Robert/Nina Knowthenext


Dear Sir,

I am a witness to your disgusting and immoral actions, I bear witness to the perverted photo of yourself that you sent to Fefelove,I read the emails you sent to the young mother of two,that you were preying on wile she. Was venerable .I am truly embarrassed that I posted on your web site,,and I am truly amazed by the inhuman,attacks upon that poor girl by you an your wife in a cowardly attempt to over up your wrong doings,for the lack of taking responsibility,and owning up to your wife,and apologizing to Fefelove for your vulgar language and actions.I am sickened,by the Horror erotic video I saw of a disgusting attempt to harass a poor mother of two.and the both of you call her a unfit mother.what would your kids think of the disgusting video,and the photos of your genitals you shared with Fefelove?if you call that good parenting ,you better read a book or take some lessons, I hope after reading this,you will have the sense to leave  Fefelove alone if not…I will be more then happy to a fix a curse on to you and your family,and show you why I am called Johnny Magick.. ..

PS See Fefelove’s post on cheaters.  It reminds me of you.



10 thoughts on “Open Letter to Robert/Nina Knowthenext

  1. I second that Johnny. Robert and Nina, I saw that disgusting video of the two of you as well, and i couldn’t believe how low, immoral and perverted, human beings could go, until i saw that. How do you feel you pair of sick mongrels?. . The 2 of you should be bowing your heads in shame, you’re disgusting, and karma is a bitch, You never know when it will turn around and bite you in the bum. Sooner rather than latter i hope. You vile pathetic people. Your children should be taken off you you’re unfit parents.

  2. Wow how weird is that in that we were drawn to a website that was run by 2 crazy’s and yet this beautiful dialog came out of this so that we can continue a higher mission instead of just the pathetic need to gain attention for oneself. What we are doing is trying to inform and better mankind by using our resources to try and guide each other. I believe everyone here now wants to contribute to a better society and peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

  3. well said luna, i tried to post something about those two sicko’s robert and nina, but it disappeared, i think our internet is being monitored..

  4. i tried to post a reply to those sicko’s robert and nina, but my post disappeared?

  5. yes i agree. hey, looks like so far 5 people tweeted this poll of JM? who are those people? i don’t even have a twitter anymore so it wasn’t me.

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