Racist/Supremacist Policeman brutalizing/Harrassing Black Individuals.

This was a dream.

I was in a room, like a waiting room, maybe it was an airport, and it’s only a few black people in there.Me, my youngest brother, and my aunt was their too. It was some area like “texas”. White kids kept petting my head like “Ooooo Pretty doggy, pretty doggy”. I wanted to retaliate, but police and the citizens pulled out guns to instill fear in me.

Back to the story,

We are sitting in this waiting room with a bunch of white supremacist and police with guns in their hand. I wanted to go ape on them, but the guns were in their possession!

I believe this instance will anger the americans more than ever. After I finally leave the room, that I now believe I was being trapped in, news reporters came racing towards me and I explain to them my experience.


2 thoughts on “Racist/Supremacist Policeman brutalizing/Harrassing Black Individuals.

    • A dream i had early this morning.

      Actually, yesterday I was being followed around by a cop…i don’t know why.Perhaps I look suspicious.

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