Increase in Cheating; Domestic Violence and Declining Family Systems




I have been having a repeating dream about an increase in cheating in our society like never before and the declining state of the family/marriages.  I believe marriage/relationship statistics involving cheaters will increase and continue to increase.  Everyone reading this has experienced someone cheating on them or a close friend/family member.  I think divorces due to cheating and domestic violence related events due to cheating will increase.  Society is becoming more corrupt and this is some kind of sign of societal decay/transformation.  I think this will be world wide but increasingly worse in non-Muslim countries (they have multiple wives anyway so its different rules).  I also think with the rise in religious talking about ‘demonic possession’ there will be an increase of men/women who cheat and say ‘the devil made me do it’ as if that is a real excuse!  This is fake in most cases and a manipulation of  religious sentiment so that the cheaters don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.  Saying the cheating was ‘demonic possession’ is also something desperate, under-intelligent and insecure people accept because they want to believe their spouse is innocent and really loves them.  The honest truth is if they cheat on you they don’t love you.  The best thing to do in most cases is find someone who really does love you because you deserve to be loved the right/honest way without manipulation.  Once a cheater/liar they are always a cheater/liar and the behavior will increase/repeat in time.  Check the stats on cheaters and how they statistically always repeat their actions thought they often become smarter about hiding it.  I also think there will be more instances of women who cut off their husband’s private member out of rage over cheating— Just this week I saw an article in the news about another decapitation (of the other head).    I expect to see more headlines about the severing of a husband’s ‘member.’  Look for signs, if a woman is cheated on and starts to discuss the desire to chop it off she might have a psychotic break and actually do it.  Sometimes women who turn violent on their men first make gestures of violence against themselves like taking a stapler and stapling their arm when they find out their husband has cheated.  Or they might bang their head against a wall or cut themselves.   This is a sign of violence she wishes to do against her husband, an attempt to control and a manipulation which represents true psychological illness.   I am not joking in saying this- there are many people on the edge of insanity in our society right now and certain drugs often cause psychotic breaks when a stressful situation erupts.  One out of seven families have domestic violence and men are victims as well as women.

In my dreams first I see a photo/scene of some letters from a very nasty scorned woman whose husband cheated on her and no matter what she tried to do she couldn’t trust him and he wouldn’t be loyal.  I felt her wrath/desperation and how the situation made her feel unloved and unappealing; in return, her increasingly desperate actions sucked her life away and ruined her spirit.  She was obsessed and became a spiritual vampire.  The cheating was like a cancer that decayed her from the inside and her wrath/revenge toward the other woman was a rotten her soul.  Every hateful thing she said about the other woman was a reflection of herself and she allowed herself to become a monster of hate and obsession over the other woman.  In my dream these feelings/pain were very intense and she humiliates herself beyond reason.  Her husband pointed his finger at me and said ‘things are not as they seem.’  The dream varies at this point but always involves the husband cheating again and the wife warping into some kind of ghoul/revenge goblin/revenge gargoyle.  Then in my dream I see a photo/scene of a man who caught his wife cheating on him.  He had given her everything and he is heartbroken, unable to trust or be open.  He was so angry, wanting revenge but realized that when someone doesn’t make you feel good the revenge will only make you into what you hate; ie don’t expect to somehow feel better with regard to someone who makes you feel bad because bad people make you feel bad (and revenge won’t bring good feelings only trap you into the hate).  In my dream I hug this man and reach inside him to heal him and a great white light of love fills him.  I kiss this man and want to pour love into him.  He is very beautiful, the most beautiful human I have seen.  I tell him the fire inside him is enticing.  Nearing the end of my dream I hear a series of words like ‘increasing pain of cheaters’ and ‘what happened to the family’ and ‘the poor children from broken homes’ and ‘judge by actions.’  These two people in my dreams are not random but actual people I know who are going through this problem right now.  I painted the ‘revenge goblin’ yesterday and am posting it at the end of this article.

In conclusion, I am not simply judging people and I know that life is very complicated at times.  I am not advocating anyone get stuck in a bad relationship; I am divorced and understand the pain people go through in broken marriages which involve kids.  I think love is a state of open-ness to another; a pursuit to understand/know someone and let them into the depths of your emotions/life/ideas/self.  I think first you must love yourself and realize you don’t need another to complete you; love is within you and you have love because you love.  I hope that people will realize that a web of lies is not productive and only brings pain, as does revenge.  Karma is real and when you do bad deeds they will visit you.  Likewise when you say toxic words and insults they will return to you and become you.  Your words and actions represent the true you and signify yourself.  Surround yourself with people you can trust who know how to love and avoid the ones who are not trustworthy, don’t know how to love or chronically hurt.  Once they cheat they will cheat again.

I have realized lately that so often things are not as they seem.  Time is the measure of someone’s real personality as you view their chronic actions.  Loving actions are the only ones that matter in life.  Act with love and become love.  Act with hate and become hate.  Return hate with love and obliterate the hate.

Here is the painting I did called “Revenge Gargoyle” from my art blog:

photo 3 copy

My art blog is for anyone interested.  I update it every week.


Much love to my friends, especially the one I mention in the above blog.  xx




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  1. Early this morning I had a dream about my mother and step dad splitting. It’s happening right now.

    I actually saw this earlier this year, as well.

      • Not for me, but my little brother. He’s going to change, personality wise. Ever since he saw how his friend took his parents divorcing, he started to value and honor his own parents more.At first, he was making me kinda sick, to be honest. But then I started to understand the feeling of having two parents together at once, through him. He use to ignore and never react when his parents argued, now he hates it, out of the fear of them divorcing. Perhaps…maybe I will be effected by this, and not realize it.

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