A New Vision of Beauty; Human Evolution and Aesthetics



Humans are about to have a jump in evolution; 2040 and beyond will mark the most drastic change for humanity.  Leading up to this period the more enlightened humans are already seeing beauty in a different way; the enlightened ones do not see differences as bad but as beautiful pieces of one picture.  Aesthetics is one field of study which will radically change especially with regard to the human person.  I started thinking of this prediction recently when I read this interesting article about how concepts of beauty are changing in society due to technology: READ HERE. Beauty will be manipulatable in the future; the true beauty is seen to be connected to the mind/personality/creativity/genius/talent.  Sexuality and gender differences/ cultural/ differences will not be important with regard to aesthetics and the human person.

The true beauty comes from within, it always did and soon fleeting surface differences will be regarded as the barbaric thinking of the past unenlightened humanity.



4 thoughts on “A New Vision of Beauty; Human Evolution and Aesthetics

  1. Finally, enlightened beings who understand  true beauty comes from within and we are all connected in spirit with infinite consciousness, love and light. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, performed by artist Israel Kamakawiwo’ole brought tears of joy to my eyes.  Israel is indeed a beautiful spirit. Thank you, Fefelove, you are a beautiful soul.  Much love to you, xoxoxo.  
    Peace, love and light to the world.❤

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  3. I was looking through older posts and saw this. Just an hour ago, my daughter sat down and told me that she was in class today and her teacher played this video. She said that the kids were laughing and making fun of IZ’s weight. She was so upset at them but she couldn’t speak without crying so she didn’t. Her teacher ended up saying what she wanted to say. That he wanted so badly to get his music recorded so it could be heard and that he died shortly after the recording. She went on to explain why it was so beautiful when he friends and family paddled out to scatter his ashes because they were happy. My Amanda could not say this because just days before her father died, they had watched and listened to his video together and my husband had cried because he found this so beautiful and he understood. We will be scattering his ashes in the Chesapeake Bay.

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