I am not trying to be creepy or alarming about my suicide messages here.  I had a friend from childhood who committed suicide this week.  I want to say this, seems twitter and facebook are causing a suicide purge.  I don’t understand it.  Please don’t do it.  It isn’t worth it.  These stupid social media sites are not worth it.  Sometimes life sucks for everyone but it gets better I promise.  If you feel like suicide please email me:



One thought on “Suicides-Purge

  1. I was just thinking about how the Facebook people did their little psychological experiment manipulating people’s emotions on facebook- how they promoted sad posts to see if the sadness would spread and it did. In fact, it promoted suicides over facebook. They should be held responsible and no one mentions this link. Its is very cruel of them to do that to those younger kids who are so impressionable.

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