False Prophet

Fake christian prophet claims she can heal a teen female of her addictions/sickness, but ends up killing her.One image was shown of a christian’s head completely butchered.One of the teenage victims were a blonde.

I saw a married extremist christian woman self-proclaiming to being a prophet, performing extremist “healing” methods that looked nothing but satanic.

No disrespect towards any christians, but this woman or man is a fraud and a murderer!


4 thoughts on “False Prophet

    • OMG!! These sorts of things are happening all the time, not as extreme as that but, there has been a lot of faith healers in churches that have claimed to heal people, speak in tongues ect, and those people die. It’s terrible and it needs to stop!

      • The false prophet was married, and was a total moron.

        She performed sacrifices, i think, because she beheaded a lady.She was delusional.One of her victims was speaking to a reporter claiming to be “saved”, but her head almost looked like it was butchered and stitched back up, which gave me a feeling that horrible stuff was done to her.

        I’ve seen some obscenely violent stuff.obscenely violent!

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