vivid visions that are not totally clear just yet prediction

During my meditations I have been getting visions some of that i can fathom and others which seem a mix mash of bits and bobs.

The first one I  been having frequently is I seem to keep seeing (and seems to becoming more detailed every time i see it) is I can see a oriental woman running away from a mass explosion.


She looks like she is in total panic and disarray I feel this maybe a volcano maybe or a bomb perhaps it looks more like a bomb explosion but it is vivid so i and totally shore atm.

There are others running in panic but i cant seem to get any more detail.

As this vision is reoccurring I should hopefully get more info as the image as well because it seems to becoming clearer and clearer over time.

The next thing i see is sea water loads of it and i keep seeing water i think there is going to be a big event or events with the sea that are not far of.


I also keep seeing plains crashing and the i see a rising and sun I thought this may be some significance with japan as it is called the county of the rising sun. 

Plane-Crash                   land-of-the-rising-sun

And another weird one i cant fathom is i keep seeing a diesel train

diesel1 (1)

but in my vison the train is a darker colar like dark green or grayish

I thought to put these out there in case they later make any sense.



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