A flood or floods dream.


I’m not sure if anyone remembers but on KTN several months ago I posted a dream I had where I said that the actor James Garner would be in the news and then we would have floods from a storm.  I wasn’t sure where and at first I thought it may be in Virginia like the Virginia Beach area or even somewhere in Florida but now I am thinking Texas as in the south coastline where my husband grew up.    What I saw were people playing in the waves and I kept telling them to get out of the water because the waves were very high and choppy.  I thought it might be in a bay of some kind but I saw a much larger body of water.  I was then in a house which was make of brick and was a one story ranch style with a large bay window on the back.  A large wave that reached to the roof slammed into that window and it was raining hard.  Off of the front of the house I opened the large double doors and saw brown water rushing through the neighborhood streets and I either looked at the top of a tree or had climbed the tree but I am not sure how as I think it was a palm tree, then the sun came out over the flooded streets.  I checked NOAA and don’t see any storms or flood advisories so maybe I had too much wine that night but inside the house in my dream, I saw James Garner and he was like 6 different characters such as a woman, a clown although the makeup was surreal like lights making up the shapes and the colors, and some other different personas but nothing famous like Jim Rockford or Maverick or anything like that.  I remember shaking his hand.

I woke up this morning and saw that James Garner is indeed in the news (RIP) so I thought I would repost this dream.