Massacre of Gaza Children

Gaza_War_2009_15   Eugenics.  Gaza children under fire.  They are murdering and going to keep murdering so many children in Gaza and the surrounding areas.  So sad, why doesn’t the world value these kids?  IT is SICK that the lives of Palestinians are not valued like the rest.  SICK.  I happen to know the ones in this video.  There was an article on Drudge the other day saying 100 thousand Gazans were told to evacuate.  However, they have nowhere to go.  They can’t escape and all the boarders are closed around them.  They cannot go anywhere.  The article is completely retarded because they can’t go anywhere.  There is no evacuation.  Just a ton of dead kids and women coming.  Here is an article about Israel telling them to evacuate but they are already hitting them from the sky, the land and the borders which are closed off and they are completely trapped.     Why don’t they leave?  There is an evacuation?  They are trapped, nowhere to go! Am I explaining this right?  I know families from this area.  They are trapped and there is nowhere to go.  Americans read the news and see the evacuation which is a FARCE. These are, for a fact, innocent children and women being massacred, slaughtered.  Where is their voice?  This is like Christmas for them, the best EID present; a bunch of dead children and women.  I am going to include a link below where a commentator suggests that Gaza could be an engineered flashpoint for WWIII.   I, Fefelove, will be their voice and I am crying for them.  Their pain belongs to the world and their lives are priceless.  I KNOW THEM see here and here to see the kids related to my family.  I had tea with their uncle the other day:



Is my life worth less if I were to put on a scarf?  I don’t.  I am not any religion but if I looked like this is it ok to murder me?



I am not Palestinian.  If I were, wearing a Palestinian scarf and were Palestinian is is ok to kill me?


This is FEFE (Sophia).  She is a Palestinian refugee legally.  This is my daughter.  She could be one of those kids.  Her grandparents are Palestinians and its not ok to kill her.  She is an American, born and raised, and her life is not more valuable then those innocent kids being massacred as you read this right now in Gaza.  She could be any of them.

When I was in Beruit for many months I had the opportunity to interview so many of the Palestinian refugees that were in the trail of tears in 1948, see HERE.   I went to some of the Palestinian camps and interviewed some of the old people who were kids during the 1948 evacuations.  I interviewed people who had lived in Palestine in 1948 and before and had been told that families were being massacred from town to town.  Basically, men, women and children ran out of their houses in the middle of the night without shoes and walked from Palestine to Lebanon.  Some died on the road.  Some had babies on the side of the road.  They didn’t know what was happening but a massacre and they have been displaced ever since, wanting a home.   Everywhere they went they were called ‘dogs’ and rejected.  The world turned a blind eye.  I listened to these first hand accounts of countless victims as they still cried, saying things like if it were not for their older brother carrying them to safety they wouldn’t have even made it because they were kids running out of their homes in the middle of the night without shoes, frightened and wanting to not get killed.  Since then, waves of genocide and murder have pervaded the area as those displaced people are called ‘the terrorists.’  I wrote this article about Palestine: HERE.  I came to enjoy some of their rap music, like this (even I know some of these rappers!):


Here is a song about the War In Lebanon in the 80’s which a lot of the Palestinian refugees were accidentally stuck in when they ran to Beruit; an interesting song to consider in the middle of this new war:


This song won’t make much sense to people who don’t speak arabic but it is a beautiful song about the pain of the Palestinians and innocent children being killed.  This is my favorite arabic song which represents a very interesting resistance movement among the youth and artists in Palestine:

“I want peace
I want peace
I want peace
I want peace, we want peace with the enemy, Hala, we want peace with our situation”



Here is a commentator who suggests that Gaza is an engineered flashpoint for WWIII.



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    • It is horrible. Indeed. The worst part is the way the media makes like the lives of the Palestinians are worthless. One Israeli or American dies and it causes a war. Millions of Palestinian kids and women die and it’s a stat that isn’t notable to them. Children are not to be dehumanized as such. Ethnicity doesn’t matter. Religion isn’t something that defines your humanity. Life is life. They are our kids, the world’s kids and the world turns a blind eye on them like an abusive mother.

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