Warning to the Elite: Do Not Assassinate the President


I think many of the clues other psychics and the media have left indicate that the President will be killed before he ends his term. This doesn’t have to be this way, but too many powerful interest groups will do anything they can to eliminate their “problem” in a now uncooperative puppet. Despite their better judgement and the writings on the wall, the “mysterious package” on the front lawn of the White House today was in no way an accidental evident. Nor were the MK Ultra patsies attempting to kill him in previous times or the media portrayals of a black President succumbing to an assassins bullet. Nothing from the Satanic media is done by accident. This overt projection energy plan has benefited them before in times without the internet as an intuitive counter, but I suspect that they finally are seeing why this time in history is far different from all other occasions.

If the elite go through with their plans and his life ends at their hands, mass anger will form from the bottom wrung of society from migrant workers and impoverished white and black Americans alike. The seeds of civil war that have already been planted have been growing in frequent comment board hackings, protests, death threats, resistance to attacks on civil liberties and political challenges in the last few years. This last bullet wound would spark the flame necessary for a full on civil war.

I warn the powers that be not to pull the trigger. If they do, the bullets will fly back in their direction when the Christmas march on Washington turns into full on occupation in 2015. Enacted by disgruntled militia groups in the United States, the regime we have in power now would be toppled by united forces of public interests in an overwhelming victory in the senate and congressional endings by trial and death enforcement. By the end of this year, most of the bloodline families will die off. By the end of 2015, their kind will be extinct all together; save for a few who escape the Christmas madness. It’s not to late to change this fate, but old age and arrogance have a way of sealing fate in the hands of the Gods of our universe. 😉


One thought on “Warning to the Elite: Do Not Assassinate the President

  1. I think Mr. Obama is not a good person. I think if somebody is wicked person, he will have bad luck.
    I also think not everybody who suffers must be a victim. Sometimes the life is fair!
    I am not a God but I read the chapter of Job- the second Elihu speach. I think Mr. Obama should read this too.

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