War Drums and Collapse



Some people asked me to predict about the situation in Russia/the plane that was shot down/ war.  I don’t think it is an accident that wars are breaking out with an increasing intensity all over right now at the same time that the USA is approaching an economic collapse.  Consider the Great Depression and last world war and the historical relationship between collapse and war.  As we near the economic collapse the wars will intensify; the intensifying wars signify the economic collapse.   Countries are dumping the US dollar and moving to gold.  America has made so many global enemies and is weak now in the eyes of the world, no longer the force it used to be. Political leaders world wide see the political corrupt nature of the USA now, the suppression of freedoms and dangerous build up to Civil War.  The elites didn’t build their bunkers for no reason; they have planned a collapse and world war and want to pick this fight with Russia.  The USA hasn’t prepared for Civil War without the intention of creating this war.  They seriously think they will be able to destroy everything and build their NWO and we can hear the war drums now.  Israel is wiping out Gaza and that situation will only get worse.  I think that right now the intensity of the wars certainly feels different.  The most intelligent thing to ask when considering all of this is: who benefits?  The elites are the only ones who benefit so they are behind all of this.  I predict that as the world wide economy collapses we will see increasing hyperinflation/more corrupt laws and a build to Civil War, war with the Middle East and war with Russia.  They want to create a situation of chaos and so many wars that no one can figure out who is behind bombings, people demand government assistance.  They want people to demand more government due to fear/desperation.  There will be so much going on that countries with grudges will suddenly burst out into war; like North Korea will seize the opportunity to bomb South Korea amid the worldwide chaos.  I think its like a chain of fireworks once it really gets started and the fuse is already being lit.  During the confusion there will be many false flags because people will be very confused about what is going on (like Obama’s ‘fear’ of a bomb in a major city, for example).  I think the elites will shovel coals into the wars and stir every pot to intensify everything more.  They will blame the economic collapse on the wars too, like everyone is so stupid we can’t see that they caused the economic collapse and the wars.  I get shortsighted with what is going on worldwide because when I try to see it I get stuck on what is closer to my home; the Civil War the the role of Texas.  I think there might also be some blackouts because I am not sure we get all the news of what is going on once the wars start.  I think they black out areas so that there is more havoc and confusion and they can control the media/interpretation of events and they can ruin communications between resistance movements as well as creep around murdering leaders/resistance groups.  I think perhaps they act like the wars have caused  the blackouts/ and they start to do political like announcements like North Korea’s television brainwashing messages from their government.  I can’t say how long this will take to heat up more- obviously they have the pot on boil but how long it takes to cook is unknown to me.  I am not sure the Elites are in agreement; I think they are fighting over exactly when, how, what will happen in the wars.  I think resistance/information wars are also effecting their time frame and their actions.  Perhaps between now and the end of Obama’s term this will transgress/increase.  Once I had a nightmare that the wars/collapse/state of the country was so terrible at the end of Obama’s term that he ‘stayed’ in office longer than supposed to.  Maybe that is his desire and it doesn’t mean it will happen.  I also had a dream he was killed ahead of time like Liam is warning against; and I had a dream he was impeached.  I think sometimes my dreams don’t reflect the future but rather show intentions or plans that people desire to happen.  I think all of this is rotten garbage that will cause much suffering and pain for innocents and economic collapse is bad enough without widespread civil/world wars.  I would love for us to be able to stop this but I have a vision that insane people with nukes and terrible weapons are crazy enough to use them and the elites want those nukes to cause mass destruction and chaos so people are begging for their solution/NWO.  Alliances between countries are forming, the historical ordering before WWIII.  The globalists are completely insane eugenicists and are drooling over their nuke/destruction/collapse/war plan to usher in their NWO.  What they don’t understand is the vision many of us have that their wars don’t go according to plan and in the end all they do is a favor for the world/ they eliminate their corrupt rein of terror and faulty systems.  We will rebuild according to our own solutions, our world, human rights, justice and peace not their NWO.  They will be brought to justice.  Unfortunately, the world is about to witness the increased globalist crimes against humanity.  The plane that was shot down and being blamed on Russia is their latest crime against humanity.  I expect many more before they are brought to justice.  I pray for peace and justice and those who stand for human rights amid the crazy developments in the USA and internationally.  If they succeed with their homeland attacks, know the elites are behind those false flags on our major cities; they will say it is Russia/China/Arab Terrorists and just part of the world war.  The elites are totally responsible for this Civil War/World War/collapse.  This time they are caught red handed like Nero fiddling as he burned down Rome.  They have out their fiddles and matches.  Insanity and insane news.  Prepare yourselves for the worst but pray for the best/peace/justice/goodness/human rights/peace.