Increasing Suicides; Faceook



First, I completely understand the feelings you have as all alone and at these terrible times.  Second, I get the desire to die.  I understand how no one will talk you out of it or speak reason.  Lets propose this one idea: perhaps there is someone out there who might understand you one day. Maybe they want you as much as you want them.  This post is for all the anorexics or suicidals who want to end it.  Don’t do it.  There is a lot of love in life.  Things will get better.


You don’t want to end your life due to facebook.   Facebook is dumb ass is social media.  It doesn’t matter if someone puts something dumb of you on a post.  I hope my daughter would read something like this and not suicide.  It’s not worth it, its just a moment on facebook which will pass. Your life isn’t defined by moment on the internet. There are all kinds of jerks out there that will say stupid things bug everyone will realize its them being jerks.  People make mistakes and some people love the wrong person.  Don’t suicide over dumbfounded accusations.  Hey, ror everyone who is an outsider there are a variety of artists, poets, strange thinkers who want to reach out to you.  xx


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