Race Unity for Human Rights; Backfire of Race Baiting




I just read an article about African American protesters in Chicago who are actively speaking out against Obama, READ HERE.  This article reminded me of a prediction that I made awhile ago about a wave of racial unity which is a backfiring of the NWO race baiting agenda.  I see races coming together in love of human rights and freedom to defend the Constitution.  I see a common mission and goodness which will unite us against the NWO.  They overplayed their race baiting and people are getting irritated and have had enough.  African Americans are equally disgusted with Obama as other race citizens, if not more (because he was the ultimate blunder).  African Americans are awakening to the idea that Obama is the ultimate traitor that sold the world a bill of goods and ultimately sold his own people up the river.  None of us want to be NWO slaves and all races will unite to stop the new modern day slavery they want to create.  Obama is not the new Lincoln and no one wants another Civil War and modern day slavery.   Our humanity and God given rights unite all people of all colors and we will remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the upcoming/ongoing betrayals of our government.  Freedom/Human Rights are color blind.